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Cheras Malaysia

Tai Feng Steamboat @ Cheras (台风火锅) is located among the shoplots next to Aeon in Balakong, on Jalan C180.  To be precise, it is Taiwanese steamboat, from the drinks (Taiwanese fruit beer & health-conscious drinks), to the ingredients used and even the service too are downright Taiwanese.  The interior is the current trend of industrial chic of bare red bricks and raw concrete, but with sprigs of added greens, it reminds me of Taiwan’s “Siheyuan”, or courtyard houses in the shape of quadrangles.



There were 4 kinds of soup bases – tomatos (RM 20), lemon grass (RM 20), tomatos + milk (RM 20) and sour cabbage + pork (RM 25).  We went with sour cabbage + pork as it was highly recommended by my sister.


When the soup was boiling, the staff  scooped a spoonful for us to try  the flavor.  It had the similar taste as “kiam chai” soup (green mustard soup), only more refreshing and less salty.


He scooped another spoonful of soup into the sauce, made of deep fried, crunchy shrimps and sesame sauce – an ultimate dip that adds a hint of umami to anything.


The steamboat set (RM 20.90) is suitable to get you started including basic items such as vegetables, prawns, meatballs, eggs and noodles.  Looking at the three-tiered bamboo basket, for a moment I thought I was having hi-tea ! The amount shown here is for 2 sets.


The top tier.


The second tier.


The third tier.


Our a la carte items were – Australian Beef (RM17) – succulent and inviting;


minced meat with yolk (RM 15.90) – which formed the most wonderful bolus of meat when dropped into the hot boiling soup.  It was delicate without any porky smell even my friend who dislikes almost any kind of pork gave it a positive nod;


and various kinds of pork balls and fishballs (in the range of RM 6.90 – 9.90 for a plate of 6).  Pork balls are classic Taiwanese food commonly seen in Taiwanese households and in Taiwanese cuisine.  The pork balls became more and more creative over time; more ingredients were used instead of solely pork.  In the case of Tai Feng, you see cheese within pork balls, sausage within pork balls and minced meat within pork balls; adding a twist to the classic.


The steamboat set was pretty value for money, at RM 20.90 per set, it came with a scoop of Haagen Dazs ice cream too. Would have been RM 12.90 if we ordered as a la carte.


Service at Tai Feng Steamboat was excellent – almost too attentive.  The staff will “report” to you about everything they are about to do; for example they will notify you when they want to add more soup to the hot pot, or they’ll ask for your permission to put in the last remaining bits of vegetables, and they are extremely polite every sentence ends with “thank you”.  Very classic Taiwanese restaurant service.  The boss himself is actually not from Taiwan but has worked sometime there.  I think he’s replicated a successful Taiwanese business model at Tai Feng Steamboat.

DSC_9735 DSC_9732

More Info
Tai Feng Hot Pot Facebook
Address : A-1-UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200 Cheras.
Opening Hours : 4 pm – 12 am.




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