Beitou Hot Spring @ Gaia Hotel, Taipei

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Taipei Taiwan

Many visit Beitou for its hot springs to unwind in mineral-laden spring water.  Beitou is just a mere 20 minutes train ride away from Taipei.  If I were to live in Taipei I would always be visiting Beitou because I love hot springs ! We went to the hot spring at the Gaia Hotel, unplanned and impromptu because we had a little time to kill before dinner.  (If you wish to plan which hot spring you would like to go, check out  We took the train, got off at Beitou MTR station, and waited at the designated bus stop just outside the station where many free shuttles from various hot spring hotels would stop by.

Few shuttles from various Beitou hot spring hotels came and went, and somehow I picked the Gaia Hotel shuttle to hop on because the van was a tall van, tall enough for people to get in without having to lower their heads.  I figured if the shuttle was up a notch than everyone else’s, I was pretty sure the facility would be too.  And I was right.  The Gaia Hotel was one sophisticated hot spring hotel.

This is the reception area. The hotel has gender segregated hot springs (NTD 1400, opens from 7 am – 11 pm) and private hot spring rooms (NTD 2400 for 1.5 hours of usage, opens from 9 am to 12 pm; 24 hours during autumn and winter).


We picked the private hot spring room.  This is the hallway to the hot spring rooms.  It’s kinda like going to a hotel room, but instead of getting a bed, you get a big bathtub.


And this is our lovely hot spring private room; exquisite in black and we immediately loosened when we walked into the room.

DSC_7702 DSC_7723  DSC_7707

Shower and toilette spaces.


Borghese products were provided as toiletries.


Just in case we got hungry, two plates of Japanese okashi (pastry) were there so we could fill our stomachs a bit.


And let’s fill the tub and get the party started 🙂


More Info
Gaia Hotel Official Website
Address : Address:No. 1, Qiyan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
Getting there : Take the train to Beitou Station.  Free shuttle buses will take you to the hotel. The same shuttle can be arranged to bring you back to the train station after your hot spring session.  Shuttle frequency is around every 30 minutes.

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  1. Choi Yen

    WOW, really don’t know there’s private hot spring room like this! Definitely perfect for those shane of being naked in public….just like me lah, hehe 😛

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