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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Dutamas

Hammam Bistro in Publika offers exotic Moroccan and French cuisine that’s fit for a king.  The bistro is very well hidden on level G4, located right next to Hammam Spa (or above Switch Cafe).  Once you have located the bistro, it’s anything but discreet with its narrow, cavernous interior adorned with brilliant colors. 

The bistro is very artistically cluttered with lots of elements such as vibrant tiles, white, elegant window railings and color combinations that speak personality.

DSC_6953 DSC_6970  DSC_6966   DSC_6965

Dinning under the  Moroccan lamps was simply fabulous, where the dazzling lamps sway lightly, reflecting curious shapes of shadows on the floral-patterned ceiling.


The menu is equally fun; as in how it’s designed and what’s on the menu.  The bistro is also a tea room with a variety of teas such as the classic Moroccan mint tea, , which we’ll have to try next time as we brought our own wine (no corkage).


For starters, warm bread was served with finely chopped olives and chili.


Salad de Coeur de Palmier (RM 25) is piquant with sweet tangerines, avocado cubes, red cabbage shreds and a tad of saltiness from balsamic caviar enhances the dish.  The salad dressing is zesty with a flavor that reminds me of “chenpi” (dried orange peel).


Crab bisque (RM 20) is delectable with a drizzle of cream, and shreds of crab meat that adds texture; though I would have loved it to death had it been heavier in flavor.

DSC_6983 DSC_6991

Characteristic items on the menu would be the dishes cooked in North African traditional earthenware, the tagine.  Kefta Shakshuka (RM 45) sounds awfully charismatic and it is indeed, where moist lamb meatballs are  cooked in tangy tomatoes topped with runny eggs, offering a delectable treat of Moroccan cuisine.  Chicken and fish tagines are also available.  I am so going to Morocco.


The mixed grill (RM 128) is a feast comprised of lamb shank, prawn skewers, fish and chicken, accompanied with a creamy mushroom sauce that I could have drank it as soup.  Portion is enough for two persons.


The most supreme of them all is definitely the lamb – grilled to medium and it’s utterly tender that the pinkness is enough to make me salivate.


Hammam also serves set meals that would give you a nice gist of Moroccan cuisine;  three courses @ RM96 and two courses @ RM 70.

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More Info
Hammam Facebook
Address : Level 4 G, Publika Mall, Solaris Dutamas.





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