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Malaysia Negeri Sembilan

I was invited to Titi Eco Farm for a 2 days 1 night stay to experience an organic way of life.  The farm is self sustainable, rearing its own chickens, fish, and planting various types of vegetables on a crop rotation basis so the soil nutrients can be replenished.    


The farm is about 1.5 hours – 2 hours drive from KL and there’s a reason for that – because certified organic farms need to be at least 50 miles away from  major cities to prevent pesticide pollution from the neighboring soils.  Plan to arrive before dark because the last section of the road into the farm is winding and not very well lit.


This is the semi D chalet we stayed in.

Titi Eco Farm 65

The room is basic with a fan.  Fret not, it gets cool enough at night to sleep with windows that open to a netted balcony.  I can’t recall the last time I slept this close to nature.  I slept to the sounds of insects buzzing and woke up to the sounds of birds chirping.  But that’s my side of the story.  My husband was glad he brought his ear plugs.

DSC_7024  DSC_7029 DSC_7032

The bathroom is simple with heater.  Do remember to bring your own towels.  Hair dryer is provided upon request.


Dinner was fantastic with harvest of the day.  It’s the kind of healthy food that your mum would cook at home.  With the use of basic seasoning, that extra sweetness of organic food storms over your palate.


The steamed chicken with papaya is unbelievably sweet, topped with a sprinkle of goji berries.


The reinvented papaya salad is refreshing with a punch.  Wrapped in leaves, the shredded green papaya is topped by passion fruit juice and red papaya pickle, conveniently sized to grab by the hand.  The red papaya is pickled with lemon, which I got addicted to and bought a  bottle home from the in-house mini market.


The steamed fish is fresh from the pond.


Simple vegetable stir-fry.


The aloe vera dessert is really gorgeous with its pink hue.  It’s strange because most of the time aloe vera appears green in this form.   I asked if some sort of roselle juice or lotus powder was added to give it the color, the answer was no and pink is the natural color.


It was free and easy after dinner.  You could do a bit of star gazing or play board games at the massive common area.  You might want to bring along your own drinks or snacks for some chit chat as the nearest convenience store is about 15 – 20 minutes drive away.

DSC_7078 DSC_7077  DSC_7087

At the start of day 2, it was yet another stunning and extraordinary meal where we ate flowers for breakfast. It was my first time ever eating flowers !  Both flowers had supple petals with a faint note of floral fragrance.


The bread roll is dense with sesame spirals, best when topped with roselle jam and sprouts jam.

DSC_7091 DSC_7106

The sprouts are also available in powder form.


Sweet potatoes came in two forms, steamed or incorporated into starchy balls almost similar to mochi.


The fried rice is a bit plain and oiless, but that’s the whole point.


And of course, how could we not have coffee in the morning? The coffee is organic and grown on the farm.  Too bad that the production is just sufficient  to serve the patrons staying at the place but not enough for those that wish to buy a packet or two home.


The farm tour followed.  Nothing beats being able to see where and how your food is produced.  Nothing goes to waste at this farm.  Food scraps are composed off to become fertilizers and re-enter the ecosystem again.  The 40 acre farm has a plethora of crops and it is safe to pluck them off and eat it on the spot.  The range of crops include :


long beans,

DSC_7121 DSC_7122

herbs (this one is similar to stevia leaves and yes we tasted it right there and then),






aloe vera (with flowers !)

DSC_7154 DSC_7153



coffee beans and much more.


The owner took us around the farm and he is extremely passionate about what he does.  He talks organic, eats organic and lives organic too.

DSC_7165 DSC_7162

All the chickens and fish we ate are all produced on the farm as well.

DSC_7137 DSC_7138

The fish are reared in the ponds using a sophisticated recyclable system, where carnivorous and herbivorous fish are reared in the same pond, and the carnivorous feeds off the baby fish of the herbivorous, minimizing energy used to produce fish food, yet maintaining a healthy population.


There’s a small petting zoo with rabbits and goats.  The rabbits are super active here running all over the place !

DSC_7141 DSC_7143  DSC_7148

And lastly, we ended the tour with a bit of adventurous activities before walking back while plucking another piece of flower to eat.

DSC_7182 DSC_7183 DSC_7184

An interesting fact to note is that the white flower changes its color to pink within a few hours; looking more striking but tasting less yummy with a bit of bitterness.  So don’t eat this flower when you see it’s pink.


Before we knew it, it was time for lunch again and the farm continued to wow us with its fresh produces.  We’ve been indulging ourselves with a lot of food, but guilt-free.  How much calories can vegetables and flowers give you ?


Most of the time, organic food is associated with an extra hint of sweetness, sometimes it can be distinguished, sometimes not.  One of the fresh produces here is clearly very much different is the white carrot.  White carrot has a note of spiciness when you eat it raw; that spiciness goes away when it’s cooked.  I was amazed with the carrot soup we had, with its distinctive spiciness still remaining.


Another unexpected surprise was the giant custard-apple; it was big enough to feed the whole table.  After eating this fruit, you would really understand why there is “custard” in its name because it was the creamiest ever.


Organic Products are available for purchase at the mini market in the farm, or you may also look for the selected dealers in your state that carries these products in the farm’s website.

DSC_7219 DSC_7221

**This post is brought to you by LocatedAt.com & Titi Eco Farm.

More Information
Titi Eco Farm Official Website
Titi Eco Farm Facebook
Address :  Lot 1706, 1708, 1203, 1349, 1916, Sungai Rotan, 71650 Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan.
Opening Hours : The farm is open to visitors from Thursdays to Sundays and public holidays.  Do make a reservation before your visit.  If you wish to visit on other days, do contact them for special arrangements.

Packages Available : Day Trip, or 2 Days 1 night.  Check out the prices –> here.





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    Hi! I am planning to take a group of 30 for a two day one night visit to your farm. Can I have your contact no please. Thank you.


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