Lok Kei Noodles & Porrdige @ Macau

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Established in 1945, Lok Kei (六记粥麵) specializes in noodles & porridge.  To be specific, the noodles are known as “bamboo noodles” (竹升麵) as the dough is kneaded manually by a giant stick of bamboo.  The dough is kneaded with even forces from all directions and finally pressed into a thin sheet.  The laborious procedure requires years of practice and this particular skill is also amongst one of the “36 Cantonese Cooking Methods” (广东36艺).


The bamboo noodles are exceptional with a light crunch and it’s perfect to go with everything, whether it’s with wanton or braised beef.  The most extraordinary combination is to pair it with shrimp powder (虾籽捞麵, MOP 38). The noodles might look like food-gone-wrong with its unusual earth-colored powder, but the sawdust-like powder is finer than beach sand with an intense shrimp flavor.


The wantan skin is also pressed with bamboo stick and is superbly thin.  The broth is a tad bland on the flavor as opposed to the noodles with braised beef.  Both noodles are MOP 28.

DSC_1681 DSC_1684

The bouncy fish balls (米通l鲮鱼球 MOP 52) are coated with an unlikely element – bee hoon shreds; creating crusty fishballs with an ultimate texture.


The crab porridge (水蟹粥 MOP 180) is another famed dish of Macau and a few different restaurants carry this dish.  The one at Lok Kei is famous, but not particularly out of this world for me.


Considering that the noodles, the porridge and the fishballs are the “must-tries” at Lok Kei, the stir fries are not too shabby either.  Both dishes – the clams with black bean paste (MOP 52) and the beef hor fun (MOP 45) are hot and steamy I could imagine them tumbling in high heat to generate that “wok flavor”.



The restaurant is modest with a local vibe.  It’s hidden in a small lane and not really within the range of any major attractions, making it much less touristy.   If you have a chance, you should at least try the shrimp powder noodles, before the traditional craft of bamboo kneading is lost.


More Info
Address : 新马路沙梨头仁慕巷1号D地下。
1 d Travessa da Saudade, Ribeira do Patane, Macau.
Opening Hours : 6 pm – 2.30 pm.




    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      This place is a bit hidden in the small lanes but nonetheless fun discovering it and tasting the extraordinary noodles 🙂

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Actually, I didn’t really notice the dryness because I was so overwhelmed with the powdery prawn powder. Thinking back, it was probably a tad dry 😛

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