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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

The Everyday Lifeshop Cafe in Ipoh old town looks fabulous at dusk with brilliance radiating from the shop. The rainbow-splashed cafe is cluttered in an organized way, creating a warm and down-to-earth atmosphere.  


The cafe is indeed very pretty and very boutique with a touch of Parisian vibe.




The coffee here has character with a hint of acidity and a pleasurable dash of bitterness.


The character is consistent throughout the coffees we drank – Cappucino (RM 10.80), Americano (RM 9.80),


and Latte (RM 10.80).


The menu is basic with crossisants, sandwiches, mini pizzas and cakes.  It does look a bit samey and typical but the vegetarian quiche is surprisingly good with a crisp crust and an alluring flavor of mushrooms.


Well, you may not have an enormous selection of food; there is an enormous selection of quirky things for the shopaholics.  Take your pick, be it polka dot notebooks, bunny dolls, handsome cat cushions and vintage-inspired enamelwares, you might be able to find something you love 🙂

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More Info
Everyday Lifeshop Cafe Facebook
Address: 29 Jalan Market, Ipoh.
Opening Hours : 10 am – 8 pm.




  1. LLT

    The mix fruit brick toast is really delicious! Highly recommend you try it! But for me I think the place is a little too small 🙂

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