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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose in Ipoh Parade could possibly be Ipoh’s best kept secret (to shop –> queena.com.my).  Did you know that most of the stocks, pantyhose, leggings and imported directly from Taiwan? The owner came to Malaysia from Taiwan some 20 years ago.  What started as a humble business thrived till today and the portfolio has also been expanded to accessories, clothing, lingerie and quilts (check out Queena Quilt Shop here).   


The shop is located in Lot F34, 1st Floor in Ipoh Parade, on the same floor as Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, but at the back lane.  If you are coming in from the Starbucks entrance, take the escalator to the first floor, there is a tea shop with tea eggs, take the walkway behind the tea shop, and Queena is located on that walkway.


There are a few 3D arts on the floor for some good fun, and Queena is located near the dolphin 3D art.


The vast range of fashionable and chic leggings include the Meinas series,

DSC_3408 DSC_3409

Deparee series,


the 2012 series, and much more.


The classic black leggings are always popular whether it’s cropped, stirrups or full cover; they have excellent elasticity and come in various types such as bamboo charcoal or plus-size.

DSC_3419 DSC_3422 DSC_3454

Or, if you are looking for thin, light and airy pantyhose, they come in may configurations (RM 8.90 – RM 15.90).  The pantyhose here pretty much fulfill all your requirements whether you are looking for transparency, durability,


scented (in this case, the scent of apples), XL size (this one is suitable for pregnant ladies too),


low waist,


compression pantyhose,


compression socks to sleep in,


Or something for special occasions.


Burger Camp Ipoh 5Bamboo charcoal recently has become a common household item.  You see them as cupboard deodorizers, you see them in bread , and there’s no reason that you wouldn’t see them in socks.  The bamboo charcoal socks are available in a few styles – sporty, 5-toe, low-ankle, designed-for-flats, and towel-based.  The bamboo charcoal socks are not only uber-comfortable, the fibers are also very porous, making them moisture absorbent and a natural deodorizer.

DSC_3432 DSC_3429

Since Chinese New Year is nearing, these socks with auspicious wordings are really awesome ! If you don’t read Chinese, the pink pair says “Win Lottery”, the purple pair says “Forever Guaranteed Peace & Safety”, the black one says “Everybody Fatt Choy” and the last one says “Good Luck”.


Penang Interactive 3D Museum 31

The tradition of “da xiao ren”, literally means”hitting little people”, with the “little people” referring to any malicious person that’s backstabbing.  The act is typically done with clogs (or any other shoes) repeatedly pounding on a piece of paper written with that particular person’s name.

Now you get the socks version of this tradition “cai xiao ren”, meaning “step on little people”, with the little people already conveniently drawn at the bottom of the socks.  Now you can happily trod on those little people, everyday as long as you are wearing a pair.   A bit superstitious, but  that’s Chinese culture.


Here are a few more socks selections – student stocks, fancy socks, baby socks, children socks, basically socks for everyone (RM 3.90 – RM 12.90), possibly the most complete selection in town.

DSC_3433 DSC_3423

Some of the lingerie at Queena are from Taiwan as well.  This is the ever-popular bamboo charcoal pants.  The boyshort version doubles up as safety pants for mini skirts.  The fabrics are unbelievably stretchable and elastic they will fit anyone from 40 kg to 120 kg.  Check them out in the store and ask for a demonstration.  The same fabrics are also used to tailor the same kind for men.


Other lingerie selections – in classic timeless colors, or in multitude of colors.

DSC_3441  DSC_3446

Clothing & accessories are available.

DSC_5611 DSC_5612

For example, MBI eye lash gel from Taiwan,


driving gloves to keep you away from harmful UV lights, also from Taiwan,


and belts.


Whether you are from Ipoh or visiting Ipoh for a day, check out Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose and you wont regret, as the things here are at awesome prices because they are directly imported without going through a middle man.

More Info
To Shop : queena.com.my
Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose Facebook Page
Address : Lot 34, 1st Floor, Ipoh Parade 105 Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30450 Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours : Mon – Fri 10.30 am – 9.30 pm.  Sat & Sun 10 am – 10 pm.
Contact : +605 2410925
Email : colorful.zone{@}yahoo{dot}com – for wholesale inquiries.





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