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Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose @ Ipoh

Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose in Ipoh Parade could possibly be Ipoh’s best kept secret (to shop –>  Did you know that most of the stocks, pantyhose, leggings and imported directly from Taiwan? The owner came to Malaysia from Taiwan some 20 years ago.  What started as a humble business thrived till today and the portfolio has also been expanded to accessories, clothing, lingerie and quilts (check out Queena Quilt Shop here).    Continue reading

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81 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh

It’s a new year, new beginning and more new cafes to visit in Ipoh.  Last year, when I wrote 34 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh, I thought that sounded like a big number for small town Ipoh and that number might reach a plateau soon.  I was so wrong.  In 2014 itself, at least 40 new cafes opened.  You still get the boutique cafes and the crossover cafes.  This time, there are also cafes that are not as boutique, but food is good and reasonably priced.  You get a few cafes with unique food creations, but the cafe menu in general is still mostly predictable – the usual pasta, sandwiches and burgers.  You are not going to get anything like “Provencal Four Seasons Salad” or “Croissant with Roquefort and Gorgonzala”, but just try asking for the signature dish and you might be pleasantly surprised. **2017 update** This post was written a few years ago, you should double check if the cafe is still in business before going to avoid disappointment.

The list is in three sections.
Section 1 : The latest 39 cafes that opened in 2014 Continue reading

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新年新气象,也多了更多的新cafe可造访。 去年我写了34 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh, 我觉得34间咖啡屋对怡保来说似乎足够了,应该不会再开太多间了,结果却令人大跌眼镜的在2014年又开了最少40间。  2014年的cafe仍然是花样百出,精品,浪漫,DIY, 复古 等等; 应有尽有的同时,也多了许多回归简约, 少了铺张,价钱可爱点的cafe。 食物方面的变化不大,有几间cafe有亮眼的表现,不过大多数是猜得出的意大利面,汉堡,三明治之类的。 一眼望去如果不知道点什么的话,可以询问有没有招牌菜,通常会有意料不到的惊喜。

这篇攻略秘籍分成三部曲. (英文版可参考这里 –> 81 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh).
第一步曲 : 39 间 2014 年最新最潮cafe。 Continue reading

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