Cafe De Flore @ Ipoh Canning Garden

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

The convivial Cafe de Flore serveing mouth-watering Hakka cuisine is spicing up Canning Garden’s neighborhood with its glittering lights. Not too much resemblance with the famed Cafe de Flore in Paris, but it’s a pretty name to turn heads in Ipoh.  


The cafe is set up in a single storey bungalow with a homey ambiance it was more like visiting a friend’s house instead of a cafe.  The porch definitely looks like the place to chill over a cuppa.


The cafe is run by two friendly sisters who also have an obvious passion for fashion, so you not only get a taste of Hakka cuisine but a taste of fashion too.


I took the set meal which consists of braised pork + soup + floral tea (RM 19.90).  The floral tea has a generous mix of few types of flowers with lavender being the dominant flavor, while the others I am just going to call them yellow flowers and red flowers (saffron perhaps?)


Braised pork is a classic dish that pretty much any Chinese household would have made this with their own interpretations and variations.  At Cafe de Flore – the dish is cooked with seaweed which is a nice touch, making the sauce a tad gooey with flavors from the sea.   A spoonful of vegetables would make this a smashing set.

DSC_4599 DSC_4604

Pretty in rose, the rossell tea (RM 5.90) in crimson red tastes rather similar to Ribena and at the same time it brings back memories of Cameron Highlands because the rossell flower is commonly seen there usually in the form of pickles.


There weren’t a lot of choices for foor on that day – Hakka style braised pork and chicken curry only, but I think they have a few more items on the menu by now such as vinegar pork knuckle, lotus soup, pork chop and pork belly + yam.


More Info : Non Halal
Cafe de Flore Facebook
Address: 14 Jalan Canning Estate Canning Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia





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