Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Full of energetic vibe, the exuberant Cafe 1961 at Station 18 serves delectable food with an artsy charm.   

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 1

The chalk arts on the black walls are really awesome; sitting under any of them would  immediately create a hip and chic backdrop for a selfie.

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 2
Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 6

This time, my sister happened to be cafe-hopping with me and she was my model for the day .  Totally love the vibrant peacock, the pink little elephant and of course my sister too !

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 8

Here are a few more art works with sheep, unicorn and a “hello there”.

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 4
Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 5
Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 3

The mint hot chocolate (RM 9) is just ok, but it did make me laugh with its “Drink Me Lah !”   (You don’t worry lah, I will sure drink you !)

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 9

The mushroom soup in a cup  (RM 7) is viscous, creamy, yet lightly textured with mushroom bits.

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 7

The baked Portuguese rice (RM 15) is a carbohydrate-rich dish, where a bed of succulent chicken with curry and melted cheese blanket an aromatic portion of egg fried rice.  The Portuguese flavor reminds me of Japanese curry rice, but only this one has a more noticeable flavor of tumeric.

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 13 Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 12

The peppery pan fried chicken (RM 17)  is a generous portion and extremely tender, paired with chewy spaghetti marinara and crisp salad.

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 11 Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 10

The cafe doesn’t have a lot of things on the menu (as usual) – other items include croissants, burgers and spaghetti.

Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 17

But then you don’t need too many choices when the cafe is good at making the few things they have.  And all you really need, is love and a good cup of coffee 🙂

DCafe 1961 @ Ipoh 14 Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 15 Cafe 1961 @ Ipoh 16

More Info : Non Halal
Cafe 1961 Facebook
Address: 35, Medan Stesen 19, Station 18, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Opening Hours : 10.30 am – 5 pm.




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