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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Vegan Life Restaurant in Ipoh Garden advocates for not just only vegetarian, but also healthy eating using less oil, less salt and less sugar.  The interior is literally green too and resonates with the ideology.  I was dumbfounded when I was looking through the menu because everything looks so good, so natural and I had a hard time choosing – should I take the mee hoon made with brown rice? Or the konjac/konnyaku rice with minimal calories? Or the 10 grain porridge which really should be the way to obtain your essential nutrients ? Or the vegetarian fish topped with herbal toona sinensis sauce – a sauce that’s popular in Taiwan but not too commonly seen in Malaysia ?


After all that pondering, I went with the vegan tomato seaweed porridge with 10 grains, which came piping hot in a claypot (RM 7.99).  At first glace, the unexpected reddish color surprised me because I was expecting something white as usual.  One sip of the porridge solves the mystery as the red color comes from the copious amount of tomatoes used, stewed to mushy, and rendering the natural sweetness of the fruit into the porridge.


The porridge is textured with different grains such as red beans, barley and brown rice.  And with plenty of mushrooms, seaweed and goji berries, the porridge is a hearty meal bursting with wholesome flavors.


Vegan Life Restaurant serves  a good variety of both Asian and Western food, many in the range of RM 10 or less.  I am definitely going to come back here again 🙂


More Info : Vegetarian
Vegan Life Ipoh Facebook
Address :  25 Jalan Medan Ipoh 7, Bandar Medan Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



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