Foods Project Cafe @ Sunway Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

There’s something bubbly about the earth-toned Foods Project Cafe at Sunway Ipoh where wooden facade embellished with multi-colored lettering initiates a prelude to the cafe experience.   


The cafe has a harmonious blend of both cool and warm palette in blue, brown and white.


It’s crafty with many DIY elements where tables and chairs are created out of pallets and random wood pieces.  Plenty of tiny wooden squares are put to good use, making a nice center piece with a clock hidden among them; and the swing with a monkey hanging from the tree is a nice touch.


Malay Chatime (RM 3.90)  – the name is self explanatory which is basically milk tea with cincau.

Foods Project Cafe @ Sunway, Ipoh 2

The apple asam boi (or apple juice with sour plum) is not fully sieved so you still get a bit of texture from the mushy fruity flesh (RM 3.90).

Foods Project Cafe @ Sunway, Ipoh 1

The Mee Rebus Mama (RM 7.90) cooked by the owner’s mother is smothered in an orang-y, tantalizing gravy with a flavorsome medley of of sweetness and various spices.


We ordered the “Laksa Penang” as stated on the menu and assumed we would be getting asam laksa.  The laksa here is not as expected as it doesn’t have the sourish flavor from the asam, but still as hearty with a bit of fishiness, topped with chili padi, chopped onions, egg and a whiff of spices.

DSC_6296 DSC_6300

The cafe has a characteristic veranda that would be just the place to chillax while enjoying toe scenery of the green field and the mountains afar, especially when dusk falls and the temperature becomes cooler.

DSC_6329 DSC_6330

The cafe serves a mix of Malay and Western dishes such as nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, pasta, burgers and cakes.  There weren’t a whole lot of cakes left on the shelf, but they do have a few selections that look interesting on the menu such as the daim slice, the pavlova and the batik cake – the more reason to come back for.

DSC_6314 DSC_6322 DSC_6316

More Info : Halal
Foods Project Cafe Facebook
Address :No. 1, Jalan SCI 1/7, Sunway City, Ipoh, Perak, Malasia
Opening Hours : 4 pm to 12 am.  Closed on Mondays.




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