O Cafe @ Ipoh, Canning Garden

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

O Cafe (2号小厨) is located in Canning Garden, featuring Hakka cuisine that has captured our hearts.  It has a signboard, but not exactly strategically placed as it is placed on the floor.  The only thing prominent about the cafe is the big “2” on the facade, which would be the best thing to note if you are looking for the cafe. 


The cafe is delightful in sunny colors while old match boxes and paper baskets exude a hint of nostalgia.


I used to make these paper baskets when I was like 8 years old ! Not sure if people still make these anymore !


The cuisine is full of warmth; prepared with affection and somewhat old fashioned too. Everything plays a prominent role in this chicken rice wine mee sua – the generous splash of rice wine, the crisp wood ear fungus, the punchy ginger, the succulent chicken, the mee sua mopping up the soup and with a dash of sweetness, it’s fantastic and full of character (RM 14.90).

DSC_4817 DSC_4821

The bowlful of braised pork in crimson red is luscious and paired with thinly shredded wood ear fungus to create a texture contrast.


The vegetarian curry is light on the flavor of curry and has a heavy dose of santan, which we not only ate everything but slurped everything too (RM 8.90).


Floral tea at RM 4.50.


Other items on the menu include stir-fry noodles, braised tofu + egg, steamed pomfret, three cups chicken, vegetables and more.

DSC_4823 DSC_4824

More Info : Non Halal
O Cafe Facebook
Address : No 2, Jalan Raja Kam, canning garden, Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours : 11 am – 8 pm.




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  2. LLT

    I always pass by this and always thought it was an office ! Finally try it today and the food was so so and the price is a little expensive and the portion is too small for the whole family. But I like the homey feel this cafe gives! 🙂

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Yes the signage is not too obvious. The portions are for single portions mostly so you will have to order quite a few for a big family 🙂

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