Valentino Bridal Cafe @ Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Well known for their unique levitation pre-wedding photography, Valentino Bridal House has also ventured into cafe business.  Glamorous in seductive red and opulent black, the candle-lit cafe with its lovey dovey music in the background and the occasional live piano music will undoubtedly bring two hearts closer.  There aren’t a whole lot of items on the menu but food is exquisite with contemporary plating.  If you happen to be doing a bridal shoot there, visit the cafe afterwards and not before, or otherwise you won’t be able to “levitate” !


Drinking one of the signature drinks – the citrus-y, pinkish, blood orange “zero-gravity” drink  was like drinking out of a dangling crystal ball (RM 12.80).  It would have been fun to try the other signature drink – the “fish bowl”, drinking a blue juice from a fish-bowl-look-alike glass.


The simple camomile tea (RM9.80).


Smashing chicken chop is always a good reason to come back for more (RM 19.80).

DSC_4746 DSC_4743

The St Peter’s Fish is aptly pan-fried with golden edges and topped with a creamy sauce (RM 31.80).  The salad on the side is interesting with onions and pomegranate bits, though the mint sauce may not be the best dressing to go with it.

DSC_4751 DSC_4759

The mismatched macarons adorned with a few splashes of colors are fabulous where fillings of rich chocolate and subtle raspberry are sure palate pleasers (RM 18 for 4 pieces).


The cafe has a basic menu of a few items – chicken chop, lamb chop, beef, fish and pasta.  Lunch and dinner sets are available with add ons of drink and dessert to the main course.  The lunch sets are decently priced while dinner sets seem a bit exorbitant it’s almost the same as ordering a la carte.

DSC_4783 DSC_4784

More Info : Non Halal
Valentino Bridal Cafe Facebook
Address: 54 Jalan Raja Musa Aziz, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 12 pm – 10.30 pm




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