Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Mont Kiara

Every time we drive past Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara, it’s always brimming with people, to the extent that patrons are spilled over to the Korean cafe next door.  During peak hours, the place is packed and the BBQ fires generate enough smoke to escape this semi-open outlet to create a light layer of smoky veil.   


Barbecuing at Sae Ma Eul is quite different from the typical Korean restaurants.  The BBQ method is very rustic and outdoors where you barbecue atop an open fire pit.


The spicy riceballs (RM 20) comes in a seemingly shocking portion with a big bunch of rice, seaweed and a pair of gloves.  It’s a win-win for both the patron and the restaurateur because we get to have some fun, mixing up ingredients and making little rice balls ourselves, while the restaurateur saves the labor of preparing for the patrons !


Now the portion looks much more reasonable after compacting them into 7 firey rice-balls with chili flakes, chili paste and seaweed.


It’s tempting to grab one rice-ball and chow it down right away as they already look so tempting, especially when I put in the effort to make it, but it’s even better to grill the rice-balls for an enhanced aroma.


We had two meats – pork ribs marinated in special soy sauce (RM27) and spicy belly (RM 23), which we had to grill for ourselves; or you may request the staff to grill for you.


While I attempted the barbecuing, there were a few awkward moments of trying to pick up the meat with my right hand and scissoring with the left, then figured it was better vice versa.  It actually takes some time to get used to, unless you are ambidextrous.


Barbecuing on top of direct fire has its beauty where meat is cooked super fast and sizzles even more when fats or oils are dripped onto the fire.

DSC_4242 DSC_4245

The downside is, meat burns super fast too so you gotta watch them diligently and move them quickly away from the fire source.  Wasted a few pieces of good meat there as I was not careful !

DSC_4248 DSC_4263

There’s a comic strip on the wall of “How to Enjoy Sae Ma Eul BBQ”.  Browse it quickly to save the sorrow.

DSC_4198 DSC_4274

More Info
Sae Ma Eul BBQ Facebook
Address : 1-G JALAN SOLARIS 4 MONT KIARA 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 6 pm – 11pm.




  1. Mel

    Hi, how’s the taste of the pork ribs marinated in special sauce? Was it better than the spicy grilled pork? Which do you prefer? 🙂

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