Ficca’s Cafe @ Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

So another coffee specialist cafe – The Ficca’s Cafe, has opened in Ipoh.  The vast range of coffees such as balancing coffee, liqueur coffee, single origin coffee and Turkish coffee should satisfy any coffee aficionado. 


The nifty balancing coffee is from Belgium, where the swift mechanism of coffee brewing is an art in itself (RM 20, portion for 2 persons). The brewing process starts off with a balanced apparatus, i.e. the metal vacuum flask with water and the glass flask with coffee are balanced. The burner is set on flame to boil the water in the metal flask.


Once the water is boiled, it gets pushed up in the metal flask and it is siphoned through the tube into the glass flask on the left, and in a split second, the balanced apparatus becomes lopsided and the burner cap closes automatically.


When the metal flask cools, the coffee crawls back again to the metal flask again via suction – what an amazing automated system ! The brewing process is repeated again by flaming the burner.


At the end of the second brew, pressure is released from the metal flask and coffee is drained into our dainty cups. The coffee is light, fragrant and subtly bitter.  Not overwhelmingly strong though I am not sure if this could be the culprit of my sleepless night on the particular day I drank it.


The last balancing act is when the last sip of coffee is drained out, the apparatus becomes lopsided on the other side and completes the drinking cycle.


There are a few liqueur coffees available at Ficca’s – Irish, Rum Correto, Whiskey Corretto, Kahlua Corretto, Irish Corretto and Brandy Corretto.


This one is Irish coffee (RM 20) – with a captivating scent of whisky and a dash of cream falling like snow.


To go with our coffee, we had ham sandwich and bacon sandwich which were a tad heavy on the dressing. Nothing too surprising about the sandwiches (RM 8.90 each).


At the moment, there aren’t too many choices for food except for sandwiches and desserts.  But if you love coffee, this would be the place for you 🙂

 DSC_4691  DSC_4705

More Info : Non Halal
Ficca’s Cafe Facebook
Address : 15, Jalan Bharu, Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours : 11 am to 11 pm




  1. ShopGirl

    There’s such theater in coffee these days.
    It was not so long ago that coffee meant a stir of 3in1 or a swing of a cotton bag/ stocking ala wet market style.
    I’m impressed with the paraphernalia at this coffee shop but would lack the patience to wait for the cuppa to travel from bean to mug. It reminds me of the drip coffees in Vietnam. I found the process of waiting so excruciating that I lose all interest in drinking at all.
    But again, I’m not a coffee person.

  2. LLT

    I had my lunch at Ficca’s cafe today and it was a sophisticated experience. I simply love the environment with the cat paintings and the board where you can leave comments was my favorite! But sadly it lacks choices of food! 🙂 but overall very impressive !

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