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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

If you are an Ipohan, you’ve probably come across “Gomok” at the corner shoplot while roaming about in new town.  Gomok has a round chubby dude as its mascot and oh dear does that mean that we will become “gemuk”(fat)  after eating at Gomok? Gemuk or not, Gomok is a fun addition to the handful of halal cafes in Ipoh, serving Malay and Western cuisine.


There’s a funky vibe about Gomok with some DIY furnitures and the likable round dude.

Gomok @ Ipoh 1

A salvaged lorry (bus?) steering wheel and dashboard fit in this place perfectly.


And the chalkboard with arts and menu is the best during Christmas time !


A RM 5 orange juice is pretty value for money.


Comprised of cheesy jumbo sausage, beef meatballs, lamb patty and potato wedges, any carnivore would love this Gomok Basket (RM 23) to the moon and back.

Gomok @ Ipoh 7

Both the meatballs and patty are mushy in texture, and fragrant with different set of spices.


The basket is not only full of protein, it’s full of cheese too.  The potato wedges are drizzled with a cheesy sauce, the jumbo sausage has cheese hiding within and the same goes for the meatballs.


Other items on Gomok’s menu include coffee, juices, mocktails, fried noodles, fried rice, pasta, sandwiches and burgers.  The table next to me chowing down the Moooooo Burger with 200g of beef looks pretty scrumptious so that might be something for burger lovers !

More Info : Halal
Gomok Facebook
Address : No 1., Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 5.30 pm – 1 am.




    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      I ate whatever was in that basket all by myself – supposed to be a sharing basket I think ! There are more and more halal cafes too operated by Muslim folks.

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