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Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Dining at Marini’s on 57 is an iconic experience where you indulge in Italian food prepped by Chef Marini while the shimmer from the Petronas Towers shines upon you.  We were pampered right from the moment that we were received at the reception on the ground floor.  The crew ushered us to the elevator and a sense of mystery bestowed upon us when two elevator changes were involved along the way.   


The atmosphere is absolutely romantic with the Petronas Towers in the background, and hey, there aren’t a whole lot of places in KL that give you this splendid view with the urban sprawl of KL city beneath your feet.  If you are thinking about proposing to your girlfriend at Marini’s, you can stop thinking about it because it used to be doable until the management put a stop to it; told by my friend who was one of the last ones that was able to do it.


There’s one section at the bar that’s semi open-air where the towers look impossibly close.

DSC_4356  DSC_4358

Bread is warm and chewy for starters.  I particularly liked the spindle shaped piece where the narrow ends are almost as crisp as cookies.


Mushed olives lollipop.


The Zuppa Delgirasole (RM 98), a sweet and creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup topped with fried spinach and Italian parsley. The rare ingredient alone is worth trying for because where else can you find Jerusalem artichoke in KL?


The Fegato d Anatra (RM 148) or duck liver is amazing ! The crazily intense, melt-in-your-mouth piece of duck liver sits atop a slice of warm peach, and the flavor is so fine, so delicate that it’s orgasmic.


It’s perfect to eat it alone, or spread it on a piece of toast that comes with a small jar of berry jam.


I was almost reluctant to eat this peach sorbet cleanser as I didn’t mind the flavors of duck liver to linger a little longer.


The Capellini All’Aragosta (RM 178) or angel hair pasta with Main lobster tail and light tomato sauce is another extraordinary dish where the flavors of fresh lobsters are infused throughout the dish.


The Trota Di Mare Zucchini E. Asparagi (RM 188) or pan seared medium rare ocean trout with zucchni and cream of asparagus is enticing, with succulent salmon adorned with fish roe.


The massive white dessert stirred up some excitement among us.  When the staff held this dessert and walked towards our table, all our eyes were fixated on this dessert.  After all we were on the 57th floor and the first thought that came to mind was a piece of cloud !


Of course we can’t possibly be eating cloud for dessert and it turned out that it’s just good old cotton candy.


The Rosso ( RM 42) comprised of chocolate sphere with raspberry, raspberry jelly and sorbet is a delightful mix of flavors of mild bitterness, sweetness and acidity.


The climax of the dinner was the Artigianale (RM 148), indicated as “dessert imitates art right on your table” on the menu.  It’s not easy to imagine what that really meant without seeing for yourself and when you do see it, you would be blown away.


The ensemble of the lavish dessert starts off with a huge piece of clear glass as canvas, and probably about 23 or 30 dessert ingredients are added onto the plate as if painting with food.


Some of the ingredients include white chocolate paste, dark chocolate pate, hazelnut paste, almonds, crushed pistachios, fresh raspberries, raspberry sauce, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, macarons, peanut crackers, marshmallows, chocolate puffs, chocolate pieces, chocolate cereal cookies and nougats.


The last two decorative steps of this incredible performance was torching the creme brulee tartlets,


and topping it off with a chocolate egg.


And tada ! The final fantastic dessert which we marveled at for a few minutes before we mercilessly swept the dessert clean. The menu indicates that the portion is for a minimum of 3 – 4 pax , which is an understatement as the portion should be enough for 6- 8 pax.

DSC_4497 DSC_4498

Marini’s on 57 also serve an extensive range of dishes made with white truffles.  Expect a minimum average of RM 300 per person, but most likely you will go beyond that.  Here is Marini’s on 57’s menu for reference.

More Info
Marini’s on 57 Facebook
Address : Level 57,  Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Park your car at Mandarin Oriental for easy access)
Opening Hours : 5 pm – 1.30 am.




  1. ShopGirl

    That dessert platter!
    Once my eyes stopped watering at the sky prices for the sky high views and fine food – I was able to appreciate the gastro delights you enjoyed at Level 57. *jealous*
    Gorgeous food that indeed looks like it might be worth breaking out the Trust Fund for.

    1. KJ @ Post author

      Lol ! The dessert platter was the center of attention on that night even people from other tables were peeping over. It’s really one of those places that you would save for special occasions 🙂

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