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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Mont Kiara

Eating Korean barbecue may not be the same again at Palsaik KoreanBBQ  Restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara. “Palsaik” means “8 colors” in Korean and it focuses on color therapy whereby the nutritional values of food can be decoded by its color.  And indeed 8 flavors of pork belly are available, with 8 kinds of marinades representing 8 different colors. Palsaik’s menu is really simple with three sets to choose from:   
1.  Set 1 is the 3 color set suitable for 2 pax with pork belly + seafood soup + premium kimchi or deodeok (RM 92);
2.  Set 2 is the eight color set for 3 – 4 pax with eight flavors of pork belly  + seafood soup (RM 118) and
3.  Set 3 is the premium set for 3 – 4 pax with eight flavors of pork belly + seafood soup + premium kimchi + deodeok (RM 148)
Additional pork belly can be topped up at RM 35 per portion.


The theme of color therapy in food is seen throughout the restaurant.

DSC_4569 DSC_4567

We picked set 2 with all the eight flavors, or should I say all the eight colors.  I love the presentation where the pork belly slices are rolled up in dainty plates held by the long wooden tray.  The wooden tray also indicates the respective flavors in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.




The eight flavors include (from the left) : hot pepper, miso, curry, herb, garlic,


pine leaves,red wine and ginseng.


The seafood soup is a spicy fermented bean paste soup with copious amounts of vegetables, clams, squid, prawns and flower crab.


Set 2 doesn’t come with premium kimchi, but it does come with basic kimchi with sprouts.  The kimchi was placed at the corners of the grill pan so it was not directly above the heat source.  The kimchi is even tastier, when most of the juices condensed after sitting on the grill pan for a while.


The barbecue experience at Palsaik is unique and one of its kind compared to other Korean restaurants.  It presents a multitude of colors with exquisite flavors and it’s not the usual hot and spicy flavors you would expect from a Korean restaurant.

DSC_4552 DSC_4554

Six out of the eight flavors are distinctive, you could easily make out what the flavors are.  The hot pepper is kimchi-like, the herbal reminisces Chinese herbal medicine with a hint of black pepper, the ginseng is a rare flavor in barbecue, while garlic, miso and curry taste pretty much like what they are supposed to.  The red wine and the pine leaves are a bit undifferentiating though, tasting more or less the same.


The restaurant’s is located in the Soho Complex in Solaris Mont Kiara.


More Info
Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant Facebook
Address : J-01-09, SohoKL, Solaris Mount Kiara, No.2 Jalan Solaris, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours : Daily 11.30 am – 11.30 pm




  1. ShopGirl

    This is a novel way to approach flavours at the grill. I find I’m always lost as to what is what when it comes to marinades because after a grilling, it all just tastes like barbecue to me but the system at Palsaik really seems to want to encourage patrons to get their taste buds tuned into the experience of experiencing flavours beyond the act of grilling itself. Nice!

    1. KJ @ Post author

      It is more exciting at palsaik than the typical Korean BBQ, as the 8 flavors with their individual colors presented on the long plank all seems very imperial, reminds me of Korean Dramas actually !

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