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Malaysia Selangor Sunway

Marhaba Restaurant serves traditional Yemeni cuisine, hiring chefs from Yemen and the Middle East region, ensuring the authenticity of the food.  Spices are incorporated into the dishes subtly yet the role they play in accentuating the food is undismissable. “Exotic” was the first word that came to mind when I stepped into Marhaba.  Mosaic lamps adorn the place while different shades of opulent purple pop out here and there.  The most intriguing part of the restaurant is the “Majlas Room”, or traditional Middle Eastern semi-private dining areas.    


The majlas room is carpeted and encircled by a wall of luxurious cushions where patrons dine in this casual and laid-back space.  I’ve seen this kind of set-up on TV – either on National Geographic or Discovery I think, but I didn’t know we have places like this in Malaysia too.

DSC_4024 DSC_4022

We started the meal with a glass of “Shahee Na’ Na'” (RM 7) or  Adeni tea with an intense mint flavor (fancy name there!),


while some of us had mocktails (RM18).


A refreshing “Jarjeer Salad” with three kinds of dips – tomato, cheese and chili, provided complimentary with the meal.


“Lamb” is heavily used in Middle Eastern cuisine and sometimes the simplest form without much seasoning is at its best – like this lamb soup, which is really just pure essence of lamb.


The Fatoush Salad (RM 16) has a delightful crunch of levantine bread with a drizzle of vinaigrette.


Bread is a popular source of carbohydrates in Yemen and the giant Mulauwah (RM 12) will definitely capture your attention simply because of its sheer size.  The mulauwah may not look that big in the picture below because the staff holding it is a sizable man.


If you are an average-sized girl like me, the bread is an enormous piece of warmth to hold in your hands. The mulauwah reminds me of roti canai in terms of flavor, but crispier and less oily.


The mixed grill in Marhaba (RM 45) is a highly specialized dish because it is the Syrian chef in particular that makes this dish and other grill items, bringing out the best of shish tawook, shish kebab and lamb cubes.


The lamb hanith (RM 78) is prepared laboriously where the lamb is first stewed, then grilled to produce a final product that is a piece of supple meat, succulent with distinct flavors of cloves and easily falls apart as you cut your knife through, complemented by the Basmati rice that is lightly spiced with cloves, cardamons and peppercorns.  It is a substantial portion sufficient for sharing among 2-3 people.  If you have a big family or a big party, whole lamb is available on advance notice.

DSC_4133  DSC_4142

“Chicken Mazbi” (RM 33) or barbecued chicken in Yemeni spices – grilled and charred to a tantalizing orange hue.  It  came in an unusual form because it was cut in a way that laid completely flat on the Basmati rice.  I wondered for a second what meat it was before realizing that it was good old chicken.

DSC_4186 DSC_4155

The chicken sharwarma is a variant of the grilled chicken above, this time wrapped in a wheat shell (RM 18).


The chicken “Saltah Fahsah” (RM 40) in stone pot is cooked in a tomato-based gravy with a resplendent blend of spices.

DSC_4099 DSC_4104

It’s always good to end with something sweet, in which we did with honey dates (RM 22) and Yemeni coffee (RM 7).  The description on the menu “Honey Dates – bread with dates topped with honey” undermines the beauty of this dessert because the dessert is full of texture and vigorous flavors from the coarsely chopped red dates with every bite.  I find a bit of familiarity in this dessert because in Taiwan, we have individually wrapped red date candies that taste like this.


The Yemeni Coffee (RM 7) is similar to coffee tarik with the same kind of sweetness, with the difference being that this one is laced with flavors of the cloves.  (The cloves seem to be a favorite spice in Yemeni cuisine !)


Marhaba Restaurant offers various dining ares including private rooms, majlas rooms and al fresco dining in the terrace garden.

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**This post is brought to you by Marhaba Restaurant.

More Info : Halal
Marhaba Restaurant Official Website
Marhaba Restaurant Facebook
Address : Marhaba Restaurant @Sunway Borneo Rain forest (Opposite Sunway Resort Hotel)
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,47500 Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone : +603-745 16183
Opening Hours : Daily 11 am – 1am




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