Jeju Badang Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Mont Kiara

Jeju Badang is a new Korean Restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara that offers something different than the usual Korean BBQ.  With the chef being from Jeju, local Jeju food is one of Jeju Badang’s main focus on top of seafood and sashimi.

The interior is also not the typical Korean style with a bar.

Fun elements like colorful cushions, match boxes,

DSC_3729 DSC_3788
and even murals spice up things a little here.

One of the murals is 3D even !

Our meal started off with a jug of lime juice – which is extra fragrant because kaffir lime was used.

We had the halibut from the live tank (RM 150).  Pinkish and translucent, the pieces have a muscular texture and are chewier than the Japanese sashimi because the sashimi is made from live fish, but still not as muscular as the ones I have tried in Four Seasons to the extent that I felt the sashimi was alive in my mouth.

Since Jeju local food is the specialty here, so we just had to try that.  The ordering wasn’t all that smooth because the boss didn’t speak much English, and the menu was in Korean and their respective pronunciation like “gogiguksu”, “gakjaegiguk” – so the only thing we managed to get through to the boss was “pork”.  “Steamed pork”, he told us.

In retrospect, googling the words might help you understand the menu better – “gogiguksu” is Jeju pork noodles, “gakjaegiguk” is amber fish soup, “haemulpajeon” is seafood pancake, but some words like “hanchimoolhoe” and “hanchisukhoe” even Google has no answers for.

Unexpectedly, two bowls of delightful green bean chicken porridge arrived on our table first,

followed by the steamed pork (RM 70).  The pork is very basic, but it’s the chili paste that gives it its Jeju idenity with an extra pungent flavor of salted fish.  You may also opt to dab the pork on the salt only, if you are not a fan of salted fish.

What we didn’t realize was that we didn’t just order steam pork; it was more like steamed pork set, which also included other dishes like chapchae,

chicken gizzard (I think) fried with onions and black fungus,

grilled fish (could have been fresher for this one),


seaweed soup and a few pickled dishes.

DSC_3754 DSC_3766
So what we thought would have been a simple meal turned out to be quite a feast and well worth it.  I like it a lot because while it is Korean, it’s not the conventional Korean that we are familiar with.

Jeju Badang is located above Maybak in Solaris Mont Kiara and should be pretty easy to locate.

More Info
Address : Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 4 pm to 11 pm.



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