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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Mont Kiara

The Departure Lounge Cafe may excite travelholics when coffee comes with wide range of travel books from Lonely Planet to Insight Guides; the collection is actually better than your neighborhood bookstore!      

The unordinary menu is essentially a departure board where names of coffees are destinations and prices shown in time instead of RM.

DSC_3503 DSC_3496
Plenty of travel books are available here, including some of extremely distant places like
Chile and places less traveled like the Silk Road.

I didn’t have coffee this time as it was too late in the afternoon and I can’t sleep at night so I went for hot chocolate (RM 8) – which was just okay, not particularly rich or anything.

Coffee might be a better choice next time as many baristas have their certificates from competitions on the wall here.


The mushroom meltie (RM 16.90) was enjoyable with copious amount of mushroom and an oozing layer of melted cheese, just enough to stick the ensemble in one piece without falling apart.  There is a scant dash of Italian parsley, yet it’s enough to accentuate the flavor.  The dressing on the salad though could do with more oil and acidity.

DSC_3495Departure Lounge Solaris Mont Kiara 6 Departure Lounge Solaris Mont Kiara 5
The atmosphere is warm though some of the furnitures could do with refurbishing.

Departure Lounge Solaris Mont Kiara 11
Items on the menu include all day breakfast, bagels, sandwiches, snacks, pasta in the range of RM 7.90 to RM 24.90, while drinks are in the range of RM 3.50 to RM 13.

Departure Lounge Solaris Mont Kiara 12

More Info
Departure Lounge Facebook
Address : 10 Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, KL, Malaysia
Opening Hours : Daily 8 am to 7 pm




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