D Fusion Cafe @ Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

D Fusion cafe offers a mix of Western and Japanese dishes.  With “fusion” in its name, are the cuisines fused? No – just the fact that two types of cuisines are available.  While there are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Ipoh, D Fusion is the first to offer simple Japanese dishes at affordable prices in a cafe setting.

My seafood ramen (RM 11.90) is topped with copious amount of seaweed – possibly the biggest bunch of seaweed I have seen on top of ramen.  Aesthetically, the seaweed could have been more finely chopped and the amount reduced, but because so much of it is used, the mild soup and the seaweed complete a balanced flavor.

The seafood ingredients are plenty with crab meat sticks, shrimps, egg and the unlikely scallops – something I don’t expect to see when the bowl of noodles is only RM 11.90 nett.

Jasmin tea is RM 2.90.


The restaurant is spacious and basic with some fairly cute wall decorations.  Other items on the menu include burger, steak, lamb chop, fish & chips, pasta, Japanese curry rice, ramen, teppanyaki and snacks, mostly under RM 15.



More Info : Pork Free
D Fusion Facebook
Address : 17 Jalan Medan Ipoh 5, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 12 pm – 12 am




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