Seafood Buffet @ Rossio, MGM Macau

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The seafood buffet dinner at Rossio, MGM Macau is well known for its scrumptious seafood extravaganza.  Before you even get to the restaurant, the enormous hall that reminisces the ruins of St Paul’s Church with an awesome aquamarine blue aquarium will steal your attention first !

Rossio Macau 1

Rossio Macau 29
The aquarium looks like a giant vase from afar, but indeed, fish are found swimming in there.

Rossio Macau 21
The spread at Rossio is superb and as lavish as possible with a plethora of food of all sorts.  In fact, the variety is so great I could only try the seafood, the Japanese and the desserts and declared myself full.  The seafood spread is luxurious and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw lobsters.

Rossio Macau 20
Rossio Macau 10
Lots of them ! Some with roes too.

Rossio Macau 14
There are lots of everything else too – mussels,

Rossio Macau 13  snow crab legs,

Rossio Macau 12

Rossio Macau 11
and prawns.  Where are the oysters you might ask?

Rossio Macau 23Rossio Macau 22They are placed at the Japanese section, where the chefs shuck them as soon as you place an order.

Rossio Macau 2 Rossio Macau 7
The desserts are mouth-watering and impossibly delectable gourmet desserts!

Rossio Macau 6
This chocolate cake lollipop is rich and moist I had to try so hard to refrain myself from only eating one so I could try the other desserts.

Rossio Macau 24 Rossio Macau 15
The macarons are unforgettably light and airy whereas the macaron raspberry sandwich has an extra fruity zing.

Rossio Macau 26
The Christmas-colored desserts are actually raspberry mousse, fluffy and natural, topped with white chocolate painted in green and adorned with dainty pink little edible pearls.

Rossio Macau 27
The fruit tarts are again beautifully presented although the tart base was a bit hard.

Rossio Macau 16
I don’t really take ice creams at buffets as I don’t expect any exhilarating moments – but I was wrong and the ice creams blew my mind away because all the ice creams here are made of natural ingredients.  We tried the ginger ice cream – a shocking one actually because I could feel the pungent sensations from true, proper ginger.  The pineapple ice cream is impressive too with the natural sweetness and acidity of pineapples.

Rossio Macau 3
Plenty of toppings are available for the ice cream, but for me, I didn’t need them at all as I was content with the amazing ice cream alone.

Rossio Macau 4
There was a whole bunch of stuff I simply had no room for : prosciutto,

Rossio Macau 17

Rossio Macau 18

Rossio Macau 8
Peking duck,

Rossio Macau 5
and various kinds of international cuisine.

Rossio Macau 25 Rossio Macau 28
The restaurant’s dining area.

Rossio Macau 30 Rossio Macau 31 
Rossio offers both lunch and dinner buffers with the following pricing and well worth it especially if you love seafood :

Lunch Buffet                         (Mon – Fri) 12 pm – 3 pm.  MOP 228 per person.
(Sat)             12 pm – 3 pm.  MOP 278 per person.

Seafood Dinner Buffet        (Mon – Sun) 6 pm – 11 pm.  MOP 398 per person.

Sunday Brunch                                            11.30 am – 3 pm.  MOP 468 or MOP 568 per
person with free flow of various types of wine &

**This post is written in conjunction with the FAM Trip provided by the Macau Government Tourist Office.

More Info
MGM Macau Official Website
Address : Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau
Tel : +853 8802 8888




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