Why Egypt Should Be on Your Bucket List

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It is hard to talk about going to Egypt without being completely overwhelmed by the thought of it.  Being one of the world’s oldest civilizations with 5000 years of documented civilization having taken place there, Egypt should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Talking about things to see and things to do could take up an entire book; here is a far smaller list of the major things to absolutely experience when  in Egypt.  With companies like First Choice flying to Egypt throughout the year, getting there shouldn’t be too hard!          

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River Cruise

When thinking of Egypt, the glamorous age of the 20s when King Tut’s tomb was discovered comes to mind. But rolling lazily down one of the world’s longest rivers in style isn’t the only reason to do this trip. The Nile has been Egypt’s lifeline since ancient times, and there is no better way to trace Egypt’s history than down the River Nile. Thankfully, you can still sail down the river Nile in a dahabiyya , or even book passage on a steam ship.

Valley of the Kings

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From Tutankhamun, to Cleopatra to Ramesses, the kings and queens of ancient Egypt are a fascinating part of history. What’s more, is that they still seem to be making discoveries in this amazing place, and to walk through it would feel like you are walking back through an epoch.


Egyptian food is rich and varied and surprisingly offers a lot of vegetarian options. With a heavy use of legumes and veggies, Egyptian cuisine consists of a lot of slow roasted stews, soups, dips all expected to be eaten with the best food utensil in the world: bread.


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Yes, sand. Whether it is the golden sands found on the shores of Sharm el-Sheikh or the rolling dunes in a desert safari to the Siwa Oasis, sand is an integral part of Egypt.

Siwa Oasis lies in a fertile basin surrounded by palm and olive trees. Its geographical location has meant that the culture has remained untouched by mainstream culture for centuries, and they have managed to maintain their Berber roots, even after globalisation.

With Sharm el-Sheikh, though the cultural impact may not be as high on your senses, the Egyptian coast offers some of the best diving spots in the world. The Red Sea is known for its underwater visibility and features some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world.


Indisputably, the pyramids of Giza, paired with the Sphinx are the iconic image of Egypt. Despite the site’s reputation of being overrun with tourists, it should not deter you from visiting one of the world’s most spectacular ancient ruins, and it is the number one must-sees in Egypt.

Hopefully this has aroused your appetite to visit these intriguing lands.

Image by Eugene Regis and Dominic Sayers, used under the Creative Commons license.

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    I feel overwhelmed just reading about Egypt. I have no idea if I’ll ever make the trek but yes, I agree, it is one of those places that I imagine would take one’s breath away.

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