Buda Castle @ Budapest Hungary

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Budapest Hungary

Buda Castle is located on Castle Hill with mesmerizing views of the Danube River and the cityscape.  There are probably only two places that will give you this beautiful view – on Castle Hill and Gellert Hill.  Buda Hill has a slightly easier access as you can take the bus or the funicular up the hill while Gellert Hill does not.

Chain Bridge @ Budapest 4
Chain Bridge @ Budapest 3
The view will capture you for a for a few minutes before you start exploring the castle.

DSC_5525 DSC_5527

The castle’s earliest history dates back to the 13th century but most of the original medieval architectures are in ruins now as result of war and control of foreign power.

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The castle that at we see today is in baroque style and it seems a bit too “modern” for an empire with medieval history.  The castle is indeed a rebuilt after WWII as it was badly destroyed.  Not only that, “modernization” was implemented during the rebuilt, where the original designs were not retained and even the interior that was not damaged had a new makeover.

None the less, the castle grounds are still very pretty to walk about with the magnificent Matthias Fountain and the three museums that are now housed inside the castle.  The museums include the National Gallery, National Library and the Budapest History Museum.

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More Info
Buda Castle Website
Address : 104 Budapest, Scent Gyorgy ter 2, Hungary.
Getting there : Take the funicular from the chain bridge or take the “Varbusz” (Bus no. 16 and 16 A).




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