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Weisse Brauhaus on  Maderbréiustralle (Mader-brewery street) has history that dates back to 1540, where a brewery was thought to be situated at Weisse Brauhaus’ present location.  It was first in the hands of the Mader-brewer family from the 16th to 18th century and after a few transitions it eventually landed in the hands of of the Schneider family.  The Schneider family excelled at brewing and was granted the”Weissbierprivileg” by King Ludwig II – the rights to brew wheat beer.       


Although wheat beer is no longer brewed at this location as it was moved to Kelhem, Weisse Brauhaus has been refurbished after WWII and it’s now a full-fledged restaurant that serves Schneider Weissbier and traditional Bavarian dishes.

We couldn’t start our meals without the Schneider Weissebier right ?( 3.95 euros each). The one on the right is “alkoholfrei” – which means alcohol free and it is really amazing that this beer tastes just a tad lighter than a normal beer would, but you won’t get drunk on it, at all !

DSC_2974 The colorful salad is a healthy one with mushrooms, pork slices,  crisp greens and a delectable piece of chewy bread (10.50 Euros).  
 DSC_2971 DSC_2968
The succulent roast porkling breast sits on top of a bed of sauerkraut and the skin is not entirely crisp but with a bit of chewy texture.  Next to it is what looks more like a giant potato ball that is known as “bread dumpling”, a mixture of both mashed potatoes and bread (10.40 Euros).

Weisse Brauhause @ Munich Germany 6
Lastly, sausages are our dish by default in Germany (7.90 Euros), which go perfectly well with beer !

Weisse Brauhause @ Munich Germany 7
Weisse Brauhaus is a popular one and the staff handling the beer is super hard-working.  Washing beer glasses here is an art that’s fully automated.  All the used glasses go inside the blue basket behind him, he put the basket into the washer next to it, and within two minutes, the beer glasses come out clean !

I totally agree with “Good for Body and Soul” on the menu.  The menu is extensive with plenty of things to choose from.  Other items that looked interesting include “Voressen” – a dish made from calf and pig lungs and “Obazda” – a type of Bavarian cheese- which we had no more room for 🙁

DSC_2988 DSC_2994 DSC_2998
The restaurant’s interior.

More Info
Weisse Brauhaus Official Website
Address : Tal 7, 80331 Munich, Germany (not too far away from Viktualienmarkt).




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    The Weisse Brauhaus is gorgeous and I’m completely mesmerised by the German fare. You really are tapping into a wanderlust I never knew I had. Love your posts, KJ.

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