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Germany Munich

We stayed at Pension Lindner during our time in Munich and I could not be more pleased about this pension.  It is located at the center of Dultstraße, a shopping street with plenty of eateries that connects Sendlinger Tor Station and Marienplatz Station so it is pretty easy to get to anywhere from the pension.  It is a 10 minutes walk to either stations.        

We wanted a double room with shower and WC (85 Euros) but it was fully booked so we went for the next in line, the double room with shower and WC on the floor (75 Euros).  The room is immaculate and big enough to accommodate three persons with the extra bed which we used as sofa.   The sink is inside the room as shower and WC are shared on the floor.

The set up of this room in particular is a little less covenient as it is located in a different section from the shower & WC.  We had to get to that section through another locked door with a key that’s attached to the room key. I didn’t mind the hassel but when I left the whole bunch of keys in the common shower, I could not go back to the shower to get the keys until the next morning.  It was my own mistake but I foresee somebody else doing the same thing.

The beds are comfortable.

The shared bath room and WC are immaculate too just like our room.

The breakfast area is charming and cheerful with orchids, marbled tables and contrasting colors of orange, green and yellow.

DSC_2867DSC_2855 DSC_2861
The breakfast selection is neat and consists of a typical European spread with ham, cheese, eggs, bread,

DSC_2866 DSC_2869
fruits, yogurt and pastry.

Getting to the pension is easy – if you know the landmarks.  We went via the Sendlinger Tor Station and found ourselves at a big junction on a main road and a smaller street parallel to it.  Take the smaller street, walk through this brick gate for about 10 minutes.

Look out for Hofstatt mall on your left hand side,

and the pension (with the tiny little green sign that says “Pension Lindner”) is on the right hand side.

More Info
Pension Lindner Website
Address : Dultstraße 1, 80331 Munich, Germany

Dultstraße 1, 80331 München, Germany




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