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As we were walking around in Viktualienmarkt, we came across Fisch Witte’s signboard with an appertizing “Jumbo Fischsemmeln” on it.  Fish sandwiches are typically less common in Malaysia so when we had to stop and give it a try.       


There are two kinds – shrimps and raw mackerel.

The shrimps are fresh with vivid red and white stripes. It’s really a simple sandwich where the prawns are blanched and blended with a bit of mayonnaise – yet it is so alluring and irresistible.

The mackerel in the sandwich is the same kind that you would get in a Japanese restaurant but the flavor and texture are very different as this one is much more mushy and acidic.  It is extremely sour you could feel it in your teeth and gums; the Japanese ones usually have lemon slices in between so the sourness is milder.  And instead of getting three little pieces in a sashimi moriawase, now you get an impressive portion of half the mackerel.  Loved it.

The big chunk of onion neutralizes a bit of the acidity and somehow the spiciness from the onion is mellowed, but the pungent onion-ness remains persistent after you have eaten the sandwich.

I forgot to note down the price of these sandwiches but I remembered it being really value for money at around 3 euros – totally worth it !

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Address: Viktualien Market.



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