Dim Sum @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel @ KL

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Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

JW Marriott Hotel’s Shanghai Restaurant (苏浙苑) is a restaurant of grandeur, reliving old splendid Shanghai with red and gold motifs in delicate opulence.  Alongside Shanghainese cuisine, the restaurant also offers dim sum for lunch.


The most memorable dish for this meal is the black truffle seafood noodles, conveniently split into two portions for the two of us (RM 100; the above picture is for one portion). Noodles are chewy, lightly oiled; and the marriage of seafood and thinly sliced truffles are truly an epic combination of jewels from the land and the sea.

The truffle slices have a faint mushroom taste and are slightly damp with an inherent subtle taste of soil.  They remind me of cross sectional images of the brain, which makes them all even more fascinating.

These xiaolongbao are dainty vessels, pocketing the sumptuous meat juices that are almost visible through the soft skin, ready to burst if mishandled (RM 12 for a basket of 4).

“Har Gow” is an inevitable order in any dim sum restaurant we go to (RM 12).

The prawn dumplings (RM 13.20) are enticing with the translucent skin hugging the prawns and bits of greens.  The freshness of the prawns could already be anticipated.

Jelly fish is plain being just seasoned with a bit of salt; yet it is surprisingly refreshing when the simple crunch is paired with unconventional mustard sauce provided at the side (RM 13).

DSC_9978 DSC_9984
Our two kinds of “chee cheong fun”  – prawn (RM 13) and BBQ pork (RM 12) are smooth and light, at their best when topped with the rich shrimp paste provided.

DSC_0026 DSC_0035
Ending the meal with two sweet treats, we had “lau sa bao” (RM 14) which has custard-like and grainy yolk fillings.  Duck egg yolks please me when they come in any form though in the context of “lau sa bao”, they are a tad solid to live up the name of “lau sa”, which literally means “flowing sand”.

The sago mango pomelo (RM 13) is chilled, where the lightly viscous mango puree gives off a sweet scent.  The slippery sagos add some fun to chowing down this delightful dessert.

More Info
Address : 183 Jalan Bukit Bintamg, 55100, KL, Malaysia (In Starhill Gallery)
Tel : +603 2715 9000




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