Villa Ju Bakery Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Solaris Mont Kiara

Villa Ju Bakery Cafe in Solaris Mont Kiara welcomes you with a scent of freshly baked goodies as you enter its doors.  The cafe has a light touch of industrial vibe with the concrete walls while being urban-chic at the same time.     (The cafe is previously known as Nabe Bakery Cafe). 

Villa Ju Bakery Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara 18

The ground floor is dominated by pastries with only a few tables for seating.  Fret not, the first floor has plenty of tables.

DSC_9949 DSC_9932
Before making your way to the counter to place an order, an assortment of breads and pastries on the long aisle is an inevitable source of distraction.  I would personally prefer the items to be covered though.

DSC_9925 DSC_9928
Villa Ju Cafe makes sure you are entertained while you make your way up the first floor as the stairs are decorated with coffee machines and barrels of coffee beans.

DSC_9921 DSC_9872
Cute murals and fun paintings seem to make the climb much easier.

When you reach the first floor, you are greeted by these two cute little lamb plushies.

This section on the first floor is chic;

DSC_9860 DSC_9847
while this section exudes an European charm.  The houses by the river look German / Austrian to me.

Private room is available if you need.

Villa Ju Bakery Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara 13
The owner of the cafe is Korean and I think that is reflected in the food and the utensils.  My chicken panini sandwich (RM 14.90) came with longitudinally sliced cucumbers, red peppers, yellow peppers and tomatoes that are too tidy it’s like I am eating the sandwich version of bim bim bap.  Ham is grilled, lightly charred and goes well with vinaigrette with a strong note of sweetness.

Aglio Olio (RM 17.90) is quite a feast with golden sliced garlic, bacon and mushroom; not too oily with a hint of chili.  It’s amusing too to find out the pasta sits on top of a very cute European-market-inspired-plate drawn with a bunch of asparagus.

Macchiato (RM 10.50) is incredibly aromatic I could smell it from afar.  And oh hello, spoon with a winking smile !

Fulfilling black coffee Americano (RM 6.90).

Walnut pie (RM 8.90) is not too common in bakeries and the last time I had anything similar was pecan pie and it was years ago.  I love the contrast in textures with crunchy walnuts on a bed of mushy pumpkin paste laced with cinnamon.  A tad too sweet though. Oh and hello, fork with a winking smile and fork with “wicker rocking” (whatever that means!).

Besides serving pasta, sandwiches , pastries and coffee, since the owner is Korean, the Korean version of ice kacang “Pat Bing Su” is available here too.  Overall a decently priced cafe.

More Info
Address : 13A-1 Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL.
Tel : +603-62065423
Opening Hours : Mon – Fri 7.30 am – 12.00 am.  Sat & Fri 8am – 12 am.




  1. ShopGirl

    Oh my, you cafe-hopper, you!
    I always feel like I’m right there with you. It’s a wonder you aren’t the size of a house after all your fabulous food posts. I haven’t quite dared to food blog because I’m quite a calorie-storage facility myself 🙁
    We’re spoiled for choice, aren’t we? So many good choices locally for a cuppa or two. This place is adorable and I love the little Zakka accents here and there.
    P.S. I always find tarts too sweet and am very much a savoury pie gal.

    1. KJ @

      Cafe hopping is fun ! While I am not the size of a house but I think I am on my way there. Put on some weight inevitably and I am trying to put a stop to that by picking up running again.
      I really have no restrictions on food. Sweet or savory I like them all !

  2. King Yong

    Piece of shit service. Train your blardy staff properly…this is Malaysia not Korea…they can’t just know how to speak Korean…they need to at least understand Malay or English!!! Since 2014 I was a fan of your Bingsu….you used to have all the ingredients I like with 27 bucks…even nice almonds etc…then in 2015 you reduced all the nice stuffs and left your disgusting toppoki type of rice cake for the milk bingsu…so usually I only order a plain milk bingsu and add cinnamon powder without rice cake (actually it is fair to do that but you wanna make money FINE I dont really blardy care you can take your disgusting rice cake back and charge me 7 bucks for that tiny bowl of cinnamon powder you cheapskates)……many times your blardy staff thought i wanted to swap the rice cake for cinnamon powder and just kept refusing me…even when i said specifically “ADD POWDER” ‘ADD’ NOT BLARDY “CHANGE OR SWAP OR SWITCH”….poor guy without any customer service training from your blardy employment started arguing with me and asked me to talk to the boss…and YOU….you pissed me off the most…you have the audacity to instead of trying to understand the situation…you out right told him to ignore me!!!! Is this how you frakin do your business???!!! I have been enjoying your overrated over priced bakeries, sandwiches with my Korean colleagues sometimes during lunch time…and sometimes at night have some bingsu at your establishment since 2014, this is how you treat your long time customer?? this how you do business too in Korea??? I write this review for all Malaysian Korean loving customer as a reminder…I do not want to see another customer face this sort of bad service as I did….enjoy it on your own risk….there are way better bingsu and way better customer service out there than this overrated Korean bakery shop with shitty service and microtransactionized tactics…I bet they won’t do this to a Korean customer….so i am here to remind the Korean boss, the male boss, usually really polite…and at least apologize for their staff’s incompetence…but your wife…man control her and educate her how to treat her customer properly…THIS IS MALAYSIA! TRAIN YOUR STAFF PROPERLY! AND TREAT YOUR CUSTOMER WITH COMMON RESPECT!!! I hope you blardy improve…if I have to deal with the same stupid shit again next time I am going to report you to SSM for discrimination and horrible customer service

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