Loong Hua Seafood Restaurant @ Sekinchan, Malaysia

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Malaysia Sekinchan Selangor

Loong Hua seafood Restaurant (隆华海鲜酒家) would be an ideal place to eat if you have a big party because everything is ordered by the kg.  You could still eat there if you only have two people – the upside is, you are overloaded with the same good stuff, the downside is, you can only try two dishes and you will be maxed out.


The lightly battered crabs (RM 45) are coated with basic yet tantalizing mixture of salt and pepper with an abundant use of chopped spring onions.  This is 1 kg of crabs (about 4 pieces) and we wiped them clean.

This is another 1 kg of clams (RM 17), steamed with ginger and just the right amount of rice wine.  The resulting stock from the mix of rice wine and clam essence is simply divine.

This gigantic clam must be the restaurant’s mascot.  It’s at least 80 – 100 years old to be this size for 2 babies to fit in there.

The restaurant is next to the fisherman’s wharf, so it actually has a bit of “sea smell” that you eventually acclimatize to.  You can always choose to sit at the inner portion with aircon.


More Info
Address : No 73, Lorong 3, Bagan Sekinchan, Selangor.
Tel : 03 32410651



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