Peng Heong Hakka “Paikut” Pork Ribs Restaurant @ Klang

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Klang Malaysia Selangor

Peng Heong Hakka Pork Ribs Restaurant boasts of an almost 40 years of experience that entice patrons back and again for the time-tested recipe.

The famous pork ribs are deep fried and super tender.  Lightly coated with a starchy powder, they are also chewy with a sweet note which reminisces slightly of char siew.  The ribs are  already deboned and sliced into a convenient size.

Claypot Asam Mustard is intense of appetite-whetting sourish flavors and it is a tad heavier than the usual mustard soups as this one is more of a gravy than soup.

Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Pork Ribs Restaurant @ Klang 4
Kampung fish are prepared not with the typical way of deep-frying, but steamed with a blanket of asam sauce which is a similar and lighter version of the claypot asam mustard above.

These Hakka meatballs (RM 1 per piece) are deep-fried and not oily at all with an evenly-browned coating.  Despite being called meatballs, it’s not 100% meat but meat mixed with starchy material, so they may look heavy in protein, in fact, they are crisp with a fluffy filling.

Pork and curry are not quite the common duo so for those that love this duo and are frustrated looking for it, Peng Heong has it as a viscous curry; although the meat could have been stewed a tad longer to tenderize it.

Tofu with minced meat is a simple and delightful dish.

Drink choices include soy bean and herbal tea in Johnie Walker bottles.

Food here is extremely affordable.  Depending on the size of the dish, they range from RM 4 – RM 20 per dish; and the fish is market price.  It was RM 90 for the 6 dishes and 2 bottles of drinks; not bad at all for stuffing the 4 of us!


More info
Address : No.2 Lorong Gudang Nanas 1 Off Jallan Pasar, 41400 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel : 019 – 2600855
Opening Hours : Daily 6.30 am – 5 pm.




  1. SG

    This looks like a feast for a king. I especially like the look of the thick Assam Mustard ‘soup’ and am happy to hear that this one is more gravy than watery soup.

    The only downfall is that it’s a million miles away in Klang. I never go to Klang…but perhaps, now I should 😀

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