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Genting Highlands Malaysia Pahang

Imperial-themed with dragon motifs and Forbidden-City-inspired red doors, Restaurant Good Friends (好友记) in Genting Highlands serves a mix of Cantonese and Hakka cuisine fit for a king.   


For starters, the jelly fish paired with Japanese red octopus is a classic duo (RM 9.50), with added sweetness from crisp, raw onions slices.  The onion slices have been somehow treated to lose the pungency, and only left with “refreshing” sweetness – an adjective I would hardly use to describe onions.

The following dishes are all Hakka dishes which are distinctive and vibrant stir-fries. Japanese cucumbers are most commonly eaten raw in salads, but when cooked with minced pork, they have lost some of that vegetable rawness, yet still juicy, and especially intriguing with the use of olive vegetables (橄榄菜) (RM 18.50).

The Long Bean & Eggplant stir-fry (RM 18.50) is another aromatic dish where I can imagine the wok is flaming in the process of cooking this dish, with the eggplant so soft it melts and they go perfectly well with the lightly-charred long beans.

The tender pork with black fungus in clay pot (RM 32.50) is another delectable dish; elegant in its simplicity with the use of mere seasoning of ginger, rice wine and soy sauce that generated an intense flavor which seemed to have merged, yet every seasoning stood out in their own right.

The restaurant’s interior has a dash of red and do check out the huge chopsticks hanging from the ceilings !

If you just need to grab something quick, Restaurants Good Friends serves single-person dishes such as fried rice, chicken rice and wan tan mee.  The prices are already inclusive of service charge and tax.

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More Info
Address : Maxim Hotel, Genting Highlands.
Opening Hours : Daily 6.30 am- 3pm, 6 pm – 10 pm.



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