Heros Square (Hosok tere) @ Budapest Hungary


Budapest Hungary

The spectacular Heroes Square is located just right outside the city park of Budapest.  The central monument featuring Gabriel the Guardian Angel is also known as the Millennium Monument, which was completed in 1900 to commemorate the 1000th year of Hungarian State founded by Stephen I.      

The bronze statues are naturally the “heroes” of Hungary, being past Kings and important figures of Hungary.

The right colonnade represents peace, knowledge and glory;

whereas the left colonnade represents labor, wealth and war.

Heroes Square is also used for political events such as receiving prominent foreign guests – which was the case on the day of my visit.  Security was high, soldiers were rehearsing the ceremony until the guest arrived.  The guest is probably an ambassador from Malaysia or Indonesia looking at the costumes they are wearing.  Quite a coincidence that we visited the square on the same day !

Heroes Square Budapest 2
I wish I had enough time to visit the two beautiful buildings flanking the sqaure, the Palace of Arts,

Heroes Square Budapest 11
and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Heroes Square is within 10 minutes walk to Szechenyi Thermal Baths, so you could plan to visit both places enroute.

DSC_5949 DSC_5948
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Getting there : Take the M1 Metro Line to Hosok Tere Station; or by Bus N0. 20 and No. 30.



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