Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ BSC, KL

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Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuriya (厨) Japanese restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) is a little more posh than the usual Japanese restaurants.  While it serves your typical ramen, soba and rice dishes, it combines some of the most  lavish ingredients to create a luxurious dining experience.  Wagyu BBQ roll + sea urchin, and double toro roll are fine examples.


The highlight of our meal is the Sashimi Mori Utage (RM 168), flamboyantly displayed with some of the finest sashimi including toro (tuna belly), salmon belly, scallops, prawns and red snapper.  The toro is an all-time favorite with an even spread of fine fattiness that melts graciously, pleasing the palate like never before.  The prawn sashimi is utterly sweet with a bit of gooeyness  and the best part, the brains.

The salmon belly sashimi is a bit different from toro, both being fish bellies.  The fattiness in salmon belly is in bigger streaks and more clear-cut you could sort of distinguish the territorial lines between the flesh and fat.

As for the red snapper sashimi, it was one thing I was not looking forward to as I have encountered a few times that it has a “plastic” taste to it in general – not sure whether that’s due to packaging or whatsoever.  But the red snapper sashimi at Kuriya is delightful, velvety and it is the best I have tried.

I was a bit heart broken though as uni is supposed to be included in this set as per description on the menu – but there was none – I think due to stock shortage.

The Avocado Maguro Carpaccio (RM 26) is simple with avocado adding a rich texture to it, yet not too rich with the appetizing, sourish, vinegar dressing.

The Asari Miso Soup ( RM 18) is exceptionally intense with clam essence.  The soup is contained in a wide bowl, and I enjoyed it best by picking up the bowl and drinking from the bowl.  Gulping this sumptuous soup is much more fun than drinking daintily using the spoon.

The tempura soba (RM 29) is decent and no surprises.

Kuriya’s lavishness in food is reflected on its menu too – with embroidery against a black plush.

The restaurant’s interior, adorned with a mini samurai suit and kimono.

DSC_9202 DSC_9206

More Info
Kuriya Facebook
Address : T2, 3 rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Opening Hours : Daily 11.30 am – 10.30 pm




  1. SG

    Would you believe that I’ve never really had great sashimi in KL. It’s never quite fresh enough but this place sounds like it is worth a try.
    I’ve always felt the sashimi bars in HK/ Sydney offered fresher fare and tended to stay away from raw fish in this town.
    Lovely pics, by the way.

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