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Genting Highlands Malaysia Pahang

With an adventurous inclusion of Xin Jiang cuisine of China, consisting of a series of delectable lamb dishes, Ming Ren Restaurant at Genting Highlands is not your typical Cantonese restaurant.  I like the lunch sets, which are elaborate six-course sets, perveying a sumptuous mix of Cantonese and Xin Jiang cuisine.  


The set includes one dim sum starter, one appetizer, one soup, two main dishes and one dessert.  We chose two sets, Set One at RM 48 per pax, and Set Three at RM 88 per pax.  Price is already inclusive of tax and service charge.

For Set One, steamed beancurd roll and egg tarts are dim sum starters, presented on a classy black long-ovaled plate.

The appetizer is a cold dish with sliced lamb in five spice sauce.  The lamb is braised till tender and sponging up all the flavors of the five spice sauce.

The salted vegetable soup is not overly acidic as some salted vegetable soup can get.  Instead, it has a gentle sour note, accompanied by a smooth sweetness with the use of papaya.  Simple yet pleasing to the palate.  The yam is an interesting addition to the soup with a soft and cottony texture.

The two main dishes are 1 – Braised Lamb with Radish, a dish which is typically done with pork so it’s nice to see something different, chucking in a piece of tender lamb chunk, with a hint of freshness from the radish.

2.  Homemade Beancurd with Mushroom Gravy, dainty and elegant.

Lastly the dessert for Set One is Almond Beancurd With Peppermint.  The almond flavor didn’t stand out too much but I did like it’s viscosity.  It’s not a soft solid as you would expect in beancurd, but more of a highly-viscous liquid that flows and coats over the peppermint pudding as you work through the dessert.

For Set Three, the Dim Sum starter has the same Beancurd Roll with custard pau.

The appetizer is Baked Mackerel with BBQ Sauce.  The mackerel is butterflied such that all surface area is evenly grilled inside out till crisp and especially crispy at the edges of each slice.  So crisp that the bones are edible too.

The Lamb Kut Teh Soup is surprising light and refreshing, with a wealth of herbs used such as dang sheng, dang gui, star anise and luo han guo.  The lamb though was a tad tough.

The main dishes include 1: Roasted Lam Ribs, sprinkled with cumin and whit sesame seeds.  The cumin with its distinctive smell confused my senses for a sec; I thought I was eating Indian food as it is a spice typically used in Indian cuisine.  The unassuming sauce hiding behind the lamb ribs is an absolute must and it intensifies the flavors to a whole new level.  The sauce has soy sauce, chili, vinegar and the top secret weapon is – meat essence from grilled lamb is added to it – I asked the waiter about the ingredients as I thought there was something unusual about the sauce.  The lamb is succulent, but not tender enough.

2.  Homemade Beancurd with Anchovies – a classic dish and nicely executed.

Lastly, I am keeping the best for last, this drop-dead-gorgeous ice cream is so much more than its name on the menu, “Special Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream” .  Almond and pistachio are just sidekicks.  The true star of this dessert is the LAMB ice cream, with finely shaved ice compacted into a cube, infused with the savory flavor of lamb and it is simply incredible immersed in rich pistachio creamy sauce, topped with a generous layer of almond slices.  This is the one single dish that I have already planned for coming back to eat again before I even finished the ice cream.

DSC_9051 DSC_9050
The restaurant’s interior is elegant and very Chinese with grey bricks and wooden furniture.

DSC_9119 DSC_9123
I left Ming Ren Restaurant with satisfactory, lamb-y burps and just slightly heated up internally, so indeed it is true that according to Chinese herbology, lamb is categorized as “warm” in nature.


More Info
Address : Level 2, Maxims Genting Higlands Resort, Genting Highlands 69000, Malaysia
Opening Hours : Mon – Fri 12 pm – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm.
Sat – Sun 11 am -3 pm, 6pm – 10 pm



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