Zeppelin Field @ Nuremburg Germany.


Germany Nuremburg

The Zeppelin Field is an iconic landmark in Nuremburg at a massive size of 312 m x 285 m that’s bigger than 12 football fields.  The smaller podium that’s protruding from the main grand stand was where Hitler stood, conducting Nazi party rallies, speaking to hundreds of thousands of his soldiers.   

The field got its name as an air ship was landed at the location by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin.

The original podium was much grander with pillars spanning from both sides of the main grand stand. The pillars had been removed as they were deemed unsafe.

Zeppelin Field @ Nuremburg, Germany 12
The grand podium also once had a large swastika sign  that was bombed by the Americans which marked the end of Nazi era.

I couldn’t help but trace the path that Hitler might have walked.  First, up the stairs to enter the rear door at the main grand stand; pushing the central door open as if making a debut; walking down the stairs to the smaller podium and up four flights of stairs again; which all seems very dramatic.

And finally, he is on the podium, perhaps holding the railings, looking at the swastika-flag-encompassed-field that holds a capacity of 200,000 people, packed in silence and respect, waiting for him to start.

Zeppelin Field was even more sacred at night, designed with special effects to have lights shot up into the sky, creating a ritualistic and even somewhat holy aura.

The field has a few information boards that give you sufficient information about the field itself.  If you would like to know more about Nazi Germany history, it would be nice to visit the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds prior to visiting the field.

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More Info
The field is part of the Nazi party rally grounds.  It is within walking distances from the Documentation Center.
Getting there : S2 Line to Docuzentrum Station.  (The journey is not long, about 10 minutes or so but it is on a commuter line, the trains are less frequent, so do check the schedule at DB Bahn for precise schedule).



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