Cafe de Eight @ Ipoh Old Town, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Cafe de Eight is located in a small lane in Ipoh old town that exudes a poetic atmosphere.   Its Chinese name is literary too – 8 号咖啡洞 – which translates to “Coffee Cave No. 8”, definitely a name from someone who reads too many books or watch too many movies.  Cafe de Eight is discreet with a tiny little sign and you might even miss is as it is hidden among wholesale stores.  

Besides the “old and chic” motif which is seriously a tad overused by now, Cafe de Eight has added in its own character with books and movie-inspired items and murals.  I think I am probably from the same era as the owner as I am familiar with some of the Chinese books on the shelf- with a mix of romance, thriller and history.

The movie stuff is kind of from my time too. Pulp Fiction painting, posters of Before Sunrise, and Forrest Gump ring a bell ! Only that the Forrest Gump here seems a bit confused about what coffee to drink instead of what to do about his future.

The collage made of 365 pieces of pockets of various colors is the center of attraction.  Each pocket is a particular date (indicated by dates on the x axis and months on the y axis), you drop a piece of postcard in a pocket and that postcard will get sent to the desired address on the desired date in the future.

I like the idea – a nostalgic cafe with a futuristic approach.

Postcards can be purchased from the counter.

Cafe de Eight serves some pretty affordable meals with pastas and burgers from RM 12 – Rm 14, sandwiches from RM 5- 8 and drinks from RM 4 – 12).  I just hope they won’t increase price later on.

Cafe de Eight Ipoh 1
I was glad I ordered the pork burger as it was fantastic (RM 14) ! I was expecting either pork patty or pork fillet in the burger – well it was a big chunk of deep-fried pork patty with a crispy crust, all moist and juicy inside, sandwiched with cheese, pineapple and lettuce.

DSC_7483 DSC_7488
The burger is easily one of the best in town with its secret weapon -crunchy deep fried pork lard.  Definitely will return for the burger.

Non-alcoholic mojito was a good choice with the burger – most likely in the combination of lemon juice, sprite and crushed mint leaves.

Enjoy more photos below 🙂

DSC_7462 DSC_7458     DSC_7491

More Info
Non – Halal
Cafe de Eight Facebook
Address : No 8., Jalan Koo Chong Kong, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel : +605 241 2758
Opening Hours : Mon – Wed, Fri 10 am – 7 pm (closed on Thursdays), Sat- Sun 8.30 am – 6pm.





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