Tittle Tattle Houzz Cafe @ Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Tittle Tattle Houzz Cafe is a lovely place to enjoy a nice cuppa with its whimsical butterflies and playful atmosphere.    Serving simple pastas, sandwiches and coffee, the pricing is slightly more affordable than other fancy cafes. 

Comfortable sofas and cushy chairs are really inviting.

The patchwork sofa has an old-schooled charm to it.

Seats at the porch.

The cafe has a few fun corners – with a heart made of comic strips behind the ordering counter,

air-conditioners camouflaged in music sheets, scrabble tiles on the wall,

and a mouse’s residence with hanging laundry.

My foamy capuccino (RM 8) was sprinkled with unsweetened chocolate powder that read “TT” (for Tittle Tattle) and I loved the Tiffany blue cup that it came in.

Two unconventional ingredients – creamy guacamole and rice cracker were put together to create an unexpected sparkle (RM 6).  Toasting the rice cracker before serving to make it crispier would have been perfect.

The quiche was also served rather unconventionally in a cup – and hence the name quiche-in-a-mug (RM 8).  It was well balanced with egginess and cheesiness, and it had bacon bits and diced onions that gave an aromatic whiff.

I left Tittle Tattle Houzz Cafe with a 95 % satisfaction – only to realize that I needed to discount the satisfaction 20 minutes later – as I felt quite thirsty, possibly from some MSG being used.  I thought the ingredients used were robust and should be able to stand alone without the help of MSG – I guess a 95 % satisfaction was too good to be true.


More Info
Tittle Tattle Houzz Cafe Facebook
Address : 17, Jalan Medan Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Medan, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Opening Hours : 11 am – 5 pm.  Closed on Mondays.




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  2. Live-To-Eat

    Nice photo taking there! Pretty and cosy place for a cuppa~
    Just want to share some of my experience and opinion here.
    Sometimes the thirstiness we felt after a meal was due to the fresh grind pepper they use…when it is too much for someone’s limit it will dehydrate the throat. I doubt on the using of MSG though. As for the rice cracker, once served need to be consumed without letting it sit long to loose the air. I had it perfectly crispy.
    Have a great weekends~

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      Hi there ! I doubt that about the pepper as there couldn’t be all that much pepper in the two small snacks I ate right? As for the cracker – it was pretty much eaten immediately after taking 2 photos , so I think maybe it’s probably the inconsistency in food preparation during the earlier phases of the cafe. Glad to know you enjoyed your time there. Cheers 🙂

      1. Live-To-Eat

        Hihi! Frankly speaking I actually know the owner of this cafe. I have shared to them what you have had experienced. They swear to God and promised they never and will never put any MSG in everything they serve. As their aim is to share simple and healthy meal to every customer who visits TT Houzz. By using MSG or even store-bought pre-made and processed ingredients are a big no no to them, all their food is prepared by using fresh and natural ingredient without out source from merchant. If you ever noticed they do not serve processed food like sausages, hams or anything pre-made/processed and not even fried food. They are willing to share all this information to me as they are very sensitive on this matter. They felt sorry that you had bad experience on the food they served. Making sure every customer eating healthily just like their own family member at TT Houzz is their goal.
        Hope you understand, i am just conveying the truth-behind to you and anyone who visit your blog. It is very important to them. They are very much appreciate you and other bloggers for taking the time to snap nice photos and write about them. All review are much needed for them to grow better day by day.

        1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

          Hi ! I didn’t have “bad experience” at TT Houzz.. I enjoyed it overall. My review is a positive one. I just had to discount a bit of the high marks which I initially would have given it. If the owner is not using any MSG, then good for him and he has nothing to worry 🙂

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