Scenic Cafe Garden @ Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

*** 2016 Update : The cafe has been rebranded to Little Elephant Cafe, you may read more here for updated info.

Cafe scenic is set in a vast garden ground with wooden houses and pavilions that give a bit of a kampung aura to the cafe.  The stained glass windows didn’t look too striking when I am looking at it from the outside, yet the effect that it created was a resplendent warmth when I entered the cafe.    

The wheels from the pushcart are great center pieces in various parts of the cafe.

The wheels make lovely chandeliers.  My favorite painting in the cafe is just behind the wheels, with a golden harvesting scene.

The wheel makes pretty unique patterns for the windows too.

The exterior of the cafe doesn’t seem too “scenic” so the “scenic” part must be inside the cafe – appropriately so with lots of paintings and arts on the walls.

DSC_7303 DSC_7319
Cafe Scenic’s menu embraces the kampung ideology too with a mixture of Malaysian food like laksa, ayam percik with nasi kerabu, nasi gulai ikan kerapu , and western dishes such as pasta, steak and lamb shanks.  Soup & salad range from RM 10 – 18, and mains range from RM 19 – RM 45.

The grilled chicken smothered with rich mushroom sauce that sat atop a bed of French fries was excellent (RM 29).  The lightly peppery skin still sizzled when my knife cut through the slices.  Would have been nice to have a bit more French fries.

DSC_7333 DSC_7326
The seafood aglio olio (RM 24) was average.  Seafood was fairly fresh but too bad they seemed to have been blanched in water before tossing together with the spaghetti instead of being stir fried with aromatics – I could still taste the water retained in the seafood.  The chili flakes were a bit flat in taste while it did add some prettiness to the dish.

DSC_7365 DSC_7373
The classic English dessert trifle was very tempting, especially when it is packed in a cute little jar like that (RM 9).  In layers of moist sponge cake, canned fruits, custard and jelly, the taste didn’t wow me too much – I think I would liked it better with the use of fresh fruits and a more natural flavored jelly.

Here are a few more details I like about the cafe – coconut lamp,

and this awesome long seat- it’s subtle, yet all individualistic with all its pores that seem to have a story behind each and every one of them.

Scenic Cafe Ipoh 15


More Info
Pork Free
Scenic Cafe Facebook
Address : Lot 49364 Jalan Raja Dihilir (Tambun Road), 30350 Ipoh, Perak
Tel : +605 5488 116
Opening Hours : 11 am – 10.30 pm.  Closed on Wednesdays.






  1. Iris Courtnay

    Terrible prices, food taste not up to expectations compared to the prices. The food taste is horrible! Not to mention the drinks. A bowl of laksa is about RM16? That’s crazy enough!

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  4. Tham

    Hi there. Since the cafe is nope long there, is it possible to mention in your page or delete so that it would not make confuse to the reader?

    Sorry, it is just my comment.

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