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Budapest Hungary

When I walked into Cafe Gerbeaud, I was instantly mesmerized by its sheer opulence where green marbled tables, sophisticated wooden chairs, shimmering lime-green ceiling and gorgeous chandeliers make up an evocative scene.

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Cafe Gerbeaud is my favorite cafe during my Europe trip and it is very much to do with the time that I was there.  I was at the cafe at 9.30 am where there were not many patrons around.  The section of the cafe that was open in the morning is a little less extravagant than the section which I entered yet it is just as classy with arched ceilings and marbled floors.

I ordered the Budapest Breakfast (HUF 1890 / 6.10 Euros) which was delicately presented with ham, salami, cheese and cheese spread.  The combination is a typical European breakfast spread while the use of paprika in the cheese spread makes it inherently Hungarian.

 The bread basket was covered to retain the warmth and when I opened it, it was like seeing a piece of art, with the beautiful, slender crescent bread.    I tore the fluffy bread apart, unraveling the spirals and gobbled it down with ham and cheese.  The three little baguette pieces under the crescent bread were unforgettable too. They were more dainty than the ones which I had in Paris which makes them easy for consumption.  The crust was a warm puffy crust, not too hard like the Parisian ones, encasing a spongy softness within.

The coffee with simple coffee art.

I didn’t get a chance to try the desserts as I was too full from the breakfast, but that didn’t stop me from checking out their selection and drool over them.

These cute chocolate sticks are known as “cat’s tongue” at the cafe.

And these cakes look incredible ! The price for these cakes are incredible too at 2000 HUF – 2500 HUF (7 or 8 euros) per piece – even more expensive than my breakfast, and even more expensive than the ones in Vienna.

Since there was hardly anyone at the cafe in the early morning, the cafe was all mine to explore.

Different sections have a different color scheme, separated by luscious curtains.

The mustard-yellow section of the cafe has a a soft glow.

The contemporary section of the cafe has dark-wood furnishing and vibrant pictures.

The shaded alfresco is in lovely pastel colors of pink and purple.

DSC_5926 Cafe Gerbeaud is pricey in general if you are comparing it relatively to things in Hungary.  The cakes are definitely exorbitant but some of the food is at an acceptable range of 10 – 12 euros, which is on a similar price range with cafes in western Europe.  The breakfast I would say is totally worth it considering that a simple breakfast in Paris with croissant, yogurt, coffee and orange juice would easily be about 7 euros!

Address : 1051 Budapest Vörösmarty tér 7-8.
Cafe Gerbeaud Official Website 
Getting there : Take Metro Line 1 to Vörösmarty tér Station.




  1. Mike Vogler

    Ham, salami, cheese and cheese spread for breakfast? That’s interesting and just fine with me! I would have totally devoured that bread,KJ! This place is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

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