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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Food Panda is a recent online food delivery service that launched in Malaysia.  I like the name Food Panda as it sounds like a relative of Kungfu Panda and it comes to the rescue when you are hungry.   The perk is you get to enjoy good food at the comfort of your own home by lifting a few fingers without going anywhere.    

Food Panda 1
The ordering procedure is straight forward.  Go to their website, choose your city (e.g. Kuala Lumpur) and the area (e.g. Solaris Mont Kiara) and click “Find Food Now“.

Food Panda 2
All the restaurants in the area that cater to delivery will pop out, in this case 28 restaurants, with the delivery time, delivery fee and delivery minimum stated.  You can look through the menu of the restaurants one by one, or filter them by cuisines (Chinese, Western, Halal, etc).

Once you have chosen the restaurant, the food, you will be prompted to create an account and key in the delivery address.  An sms will be sent to your phone to with an verification code, and a subsequent SMS is sent to confirm the delivery with an estimated time.  So all that is really simple – taking less than 5 minutes to complete the order.  15% service fee is added on top of the food bill.  Payment is online or cash on delivery.

Food Panda 4
I ordered food from Morganfield’s in Publika, which has an estimated delivery time of 1 hour.  And as stated, the food arrived at my doorstep on the dot.  The tequila spiked chicken (RM 34.90) was a generous size of half chicken with French fries.  It was perfectly executed with evenly browned skin and succulent flesh.  I was looking forward to the chemistry of tequila in the roast chicken though I didn’t really taste the presence of tequila.

Food Panda 3
The pork sausage platter (RM 34.90) consisted of lanky cheesy sausages and fat sausages with classic flavors.  The sausages were grilled lightly, stuffed till turgid and the sausage skin bursts with a sound as you take a bite into them. Normally, I am a mustard person when it comes to sausages, but the garlic mayo that came with them was just fantastic.

The food arrived warm, which is good enough as I wouldn’t expect them to arrive sizzling hot considering certain time is required for delivery.

The next time that I am out of food in my fridge, or feeling lazy to cook, or simply don’t want the hassle of driving and looking for parking at the restaurant, I’ll use FoodPanda and instead of going to food, I’ll let food come to me 🙂

**Thanks to FoodPanda for making this post possible.  All opinions and pictures are my own.

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  1. Mike Vogler

    They have Wendy’s and 7-11 in Malaysia?? Wow, do have ignorance about overseas,huh? I wish we had a food delivery company like that here in Reno 🙂

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