Parliament @ Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament Building (Országház) is a magnificent neo-gothic structure completed in 1902.  It is located on the eastern bank of the Danube River and you won’t miss it as it is the largest building in Hungary.  The building is easily seen from many points whether you are hiking up Gellert Hill, strolling about Castle Hill or cruising on the Danube.  DSC_5496
It was a beautiful day when I visited.  I took some time to circumference it, seeing the building from different angles.  I didn’t get to tour the parliament which I would have loved to to see the Holy Crown, the Congress Hall and the Domed Hall.

There are many statues and monuments in the vicinity – particularly beautiful against the cloudless blue sky.  Too bad I don’t know the story behind these statues.


I was quite lucky to catch the Changing the Guard Ceremony at 11.30 am because I didn’t plan for it; I just happened to be there.

When the guards have performed their ceremony, one of the guards said something and the crowd swarmed towards them. OOH ! They have allocated some time for photographs! I tried to take a selfie with the guard on the right, realizing the selfie was more of my face and his should as he was too tall ! Seeing me struggling, he whispered “get somebody to help you”.

KJ & Guard @ Hungarian Parliament Building
Good idea.  No selfie but problem solved ! I am going to remember this uber friendly guard for life.

If you have time to see the building from the Buda side at night, you must absolutely do so because it is even more stunning at night, like a piece of glowing jewel.


More Info
Address : Kossuth Lajos Ter 1-3, MagyarorszagBudapest 1055Hungary
English guided tours available at 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm.

Entrance fee
EU Citizens over 18 (full price, Adult tickets): HUF 1750 EU  ( about 6 euros)
Citizens under 18 (Student tickets): HUF 875  (about 3 euros)
non EU Citizens over 18 (full price, Adult tickets): HUF 3500  (about 12 euros)
non EU Citizens under 18 (Student tickets): HUF 1750 (about 6 euros)

Getting there : Bus 15, Tram 2.




  1. Mike

    Wow, the Parliament building is so majestic and regal, KJ!! I would have thought it was much older. Loved the awesome photo of you and the guard! LOL re: the guard, “get someone to help you…”. Good post 🙂

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  7. aeroair

    This one is so true “like a piece of glowing jewel”. I stood there for a few hours, mesmerized by its beauty. Budapest is one of those cities I would want to return! 🙂

    1. KJ @ Post author

      The parliament is definitely the prettiest at night, wished I had more time to stay there instead of just 3 days !

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