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Cafe Fuwa Pulu (花圃甜品) in Xintiandi, Shanghai, is a Japanese-style cafe with warm hues, vintage eclectic furniture and green plants that add liveliness to the cafe.     

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 12
“Fuwa Pulu” may sound a bit gibberish but it actually has a meaning in Japanese – “fuwa fuwa” means the fluffiness of the cake and “pulu pulu” means the bounciness of the jelly.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 7
So when you order jelly, the jelly comes with cake, and vice versa so you’ll always get cake and jelly together to complete the “Fuwa Pulu” combination.  This is my rose jelly with a small piece of chocolate cake (RMB 38).  This dreamy dessert adorned with rose buds has just a faint rosy flavor, avoiding the “artificial” taste when the rose flavor is too strong.  The cake has a dark chocolate ganache overlaying the sponge cube, just moderately sweet to complement the rose jelly.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 4
Jac’s chocolate cake is sprinkled copiously with cocoa powder and it has two rich chocolate mousse layers, sandwiching a moist sponge cake layer in between.  The cake comes with a small glass of green jelly which I could not quite figure out the flavor (RMB 38).  The cake would be a treat for the sweet-toothed, albeit too rich for me; perhaps that was the intention to pair with the very mild-tasting jelly.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 9
Accompanying my rose jelly is what may look like green tea with a bamboo whisk, but it’s actually macha latte (RMB 38) – a unique combination with powdery green tea, milk and coffee.  The taste of tea and milk are much much stronger than the coffee, which made me feel like I was drinking macha milk tea.  If the strength  of the coffee was increased to comparable levels to that of the tea, I think it would have been an intriguing drink.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 5
Jamie‘s hot chocolate (RMB 38) is all fancy with the bamboo whisk ! Intense and warm, it was perfect for the rainy afternoon when we were in Shanghai.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 3
Elaine‘s (RMB 48) floral tea is relaxing and refreshingly sweet with a tinge of citrus and mildly bitter.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 11
Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 17
I definitely enjoyed the cafe’s aura – warm, soothing and inviting.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 16
Their motto “start each day like its your birthday” is a good excuse to eat cake everyday !

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 13
The pricing is probably the only thing not pretty in this cafe – averaging about RM 20 or so per item.  Well, I guess that is Xiantiandi for you and now you know where to go if you want to splurge on cake and coffee:)

Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 15
Cafe Fuwa Pulu Shanghai, China 1

**Thanks to Spring Airlines of China for making this post possible.  Spring Airlines now have direct routes for Singapore – Shanghai with excellent rates !  Just 5 hours away, Shanghai is not all that far away with plenty of things to do, plenty of things to eat and plenty of places to visit 🙂

Address : 卢湾区马当路245号新天地时尚1楼107室.
245 Madang Rd, Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai, China (Located in Xintiandi Style Mall)
Tel : +86 0216377 0317




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