Ayutthaya Elephant Palace, Thailand

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Ayutthaya Bangkok Thailand

Visiting the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace wasn’t part of my plan.  The tuk tuk driver pointed to his DIY well-illustrated map and asked if I wanted to go to go to the Elephant Palace.  I thought the place seemed close enough so might as well.  

The tuk-tuk driver’s map, indicating all the popular attractions in Ayutthya.

DSC_3725DSC_3728 DSC_3721
The elephants at the Elephant Palace are “working elephants” from Elephantstay, a non-profit organization where you can volunteer (or book a package) and get some close encounters with these magnificent creatures.

Oh, so this is what elephant paw looks like!

DSC_3719 DSC_3722
There are a few activities you can do here – 1.  feed the elephants a bucket of vegetables (and check out their nostrils) (50 Baht).

DSC_3738DSC_3739 DSC_3746
The elephants were definitely eager for food, reaching out their noses hungrily.

Elephant Palace @ Ayutthya, Thailand 17
2.  Pose with (or hug) an elephant and get your photos taken (50 Baht).

Elephant Palace @ Ayutthya, Thailand 16 Elephant Palace @ Ayutthya, Thailand 15
3.  Ride an elephant amidst the fascinating ruins of Ayutthya (I forgot the price for this one, I think it was 600 Baht for an half hour ride?)

The elephants seem to have a friendly relationship with the trainers, although a nasty pick was used as a way of communication between the trainer and the elephants. The pick wasn’t used too often, and the elephants didn’t react too much when the pick was used, perhaps protected with the thick layer of tough skin.  Hopefully they are not mistreated in any way.

More Information
Official Website for Elephant Palace
Official Website for Elephantstay




  1. Angel Lu

    It is utterly amazing how these charming mammals are trained for this. It is in my bucket list to ride an elephant, to be honest. And your post had given me a good idea on where to go when I go back to Ayutthaya next quarter.

    I’ll need to book cheap air tickets to Thailand ASAP.

  2. Khai

    I really don’t like the pick. It looks painful!

    When I was there, I was alone and the sight of elephant walking on the road amidst theruins was fascinating if not magical.

    Have you been to Kuala Gandah? There is an elephant sanctuary there! [which I have yet to go too]

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  4. Esther

    hi there, izit worth to go to elephant palace as what I’ve read on the tripadvisor mostly are bad reviews but when comes to your blog it seems quite good.:)How long does it take to travel from Bangkok?Did you get to visit all the places which u listed out within 1 day or you overnight there?Thanks!

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Hi Esther. I spent 4 days 3 nights in Hua Hin. Bangkok to Hua Hin is about 3 hours by car, maybe even longer by minivan, so I think it would be good to stay at least one night or else you will be spending a lot of time in the car if you are going there for just for one day. The one I went is supposedly part of a non profit organization, but it still seems a bit commercialized though.

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