Patpong Night Market @ Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok Thailand

The Patpong Night Market was nearby our dinner place, Ruen Urai Thai Fine Dining Restaurant, so we visited it en route back to our hotel.  

The night market was brightly lit, almost too bright my eyes needed a transition period when we strolled in from the dim road side.  Not romantic at all but the lighting is useful for shopping in case you might want to check for any defects before you make a purchase.

There were some crafty items – Buddha statues, wallets and Thai silk, other than that it was the usual night market fare with jewelries, T-shirts, slippers, handbags, swimwear, etc.

Some good bargains were seen with ties at only 50 Baht each !

Check out more photos below and remember to bargain if you shop 🙂

DSC_3505 DSC_3501 DSC_3500 DSC_3507 DSC_3504 DSC_3503 DSC_3508 DSC_3509 DSC_3519 DSC_3502 DSC_3511 DSC_3516 DSC_3525

More Info on Patpong Night Market
Opening Hours : Daily 6 pm – 12 am
Getting there : 1.  Via BTS (skytrain), exit at Sala Daeng Station. 2.  Via the MRT (subway), exit at Silom Station




  1. Khai

    I visited here during my solo trip last year. I mentioned about the market in my Instagram account and my blog.

    Sadly, being a man, some people said that “We know your intention was not the market but the lots on the left and right side of the market, right?”…

    Duh! (-_-)”… hahaha..

      1. Khai

        That’s why… not good right?? Hehe

        Well, even I did not buy anything when I was there. Just wanna see what they have there… Surely the prices are over rated too ;D

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