Ruen Urai Thai Fine Dining Restaurant @ Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok Thailand

Ruen Urai is a Thai fine dining restaurant that’s hidden amidst the concrete jungle of Bangkok.  

The traditional wooden Thai house with a splendid pool surrounded by lush greens provides an opulent fine dining experience without being extravagant.


The interior is earth-hued that exudes a “back to nature” aura with a blend contemporary furnishing.

Some tables are close to the pool so you get a lovely view.

For starters, we had pomelo salad with prawns (229 Baht).   I was expecting lots of green leafy vegetables adorned with pomelo pieces, but instead it was chunky pomelos that made up the main bulk of the dish.   The  dish was elegant with the pomelo’s subtle fragrance. With the pomelo’s mild sweetness, spices such as chili flakes, fish sauce and ground peanuts merged with the dish in peace without being too contrasting in flavor

DSC_3467 DSC_3468
The seafood tom yum soup (250 Baht) wasn’t overwhelmingly sour or spicy. It had an unusual smoky taste to it which I liked, though it was too small a bowl for the two of us!

DSC_3459 DSC_3458
The “Saengwaah Kratong Tong” (250 Baht) or crispy cup filled with prawns and herbs was presented exquisitely with orchid petals that ornate the dish.

Ruen Urai Thai Fine Dining Bangkok 20DSC_3463The herbs in the crispy cup include lemon grass, onions and scallions – all of which would normally be powerful spices but when chopped finely, the combination was refreshing and these little flower-shaped cups were excellent  finger food with a dash of citrus dressing.

The sauteed chicken with cashew nut (220 Baht) was succulent and coated with a thin layer of caramelized sugar, making it the perfect dish to go with rice.

I haven’t had any Thai fine dining experience prior to this so Ruen Urai was a first, and an amazing one too with the charming atmosphere and sophisticated dishes.

DSC_3484 DSC_3493

More Info on Ruen Urai
Address:  At The Rose Hotel, 118 Surawongse Road, Bangkok 10500 Thailand (very close to the Patpong Night Market)
Tel : 66 02 266 8268 72
Getting there :  1.  By Skytrain or BTS –> Stop at Saladeng Station and use the exit Thaniya Road.  2.  By MRT Subway System –> Stop at Sam Yan Station.    See Rose Hotel Website for detailed direction.




  1. Khai

    Honestly the place looks very beautiful. Looking at the photos reminds me of Bora Ombak in Ampang. And judging from the first photo, it looks really like in a middle of a concrete jungle. 🙂

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