Burger Camp @ Greentown Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

With the opening of Burger Camp in Greentown Ipoh, the love for burgers is spreading to Ipoh too with the joint being almost 100% dedicated to burgers.  You will find burgers, burgers and more burgers (with a choice of chicken or beef, or both) served in a basket with of course burgers’ best friend – French Fries.  DSC_8466
The restaurant’s set up is simple with a clean-cut design.

The menu board was intimidating and needed a bit of deciphering at first because I had no clue of whatever was written up there, with the exception of Eggalicious – which obviously would be an egg burger, and A La Funky Fungi – which would be a mushroom burger.

The laminated menu with some explanations came to the rescue and the names do make sense and even quite funny once you understand them.  Freshman Year is the basic burger with meat and standard vegetables like lettuce & tomato; Double Whammy is double portion of meat in the burger and Newly Weds is the marriage between chicken and beef in the burger, and there is more for you to find out.

Kickapoo kept us entertained while we waited for our burgers.

First to arrive was the P3ARL Har-Bur (RM 20.8 with soft drink and fries) – supposedly only available in chicken, and I had also asked chicken but it came with beef patty.  I am not a big fan of beef but since Burger Camp emphasizes on their burgers using Australian Beef – I gave it a try.

Burger Camp @ Ipoh 5
The black charcoal burger had a good medley of ingredients with caramalized onions, diced peppers and grilled pineapple though the beef patty was just passable, being rather bland and dull.

The Kamiaz3 burger (RM 20.8 with soft drink and fries)  fared better with a Japanese twist – where a clash of cultural ingredients gave birth to a memorable burger with tenderly grilled chicken fillet complemented by wakame (sea weed) and wasabi mayo.

The burgers can be ordered a la carte (ranging from RM 11.80 to RM17.80), or top up RM5 to make it a set which includes soft drinks and French Fries.

More Info on Burger Camp (Pork Free)
Burger Camp Facebook
Address : 20 Persiaran Green Town 6, Pusat Perdagangan Greetown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +6016531 2958
Opening Hours : Tue – Sun: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm




    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      I don’t like the idea of mixing meats as well…. I tried one dish in philipines where chicken and pork were stewed together; while the dish tasted fine, it just didn’t seem right ! The burger is not burnt at all – it’s charcoal – so that’s why it’s black 🙂

  1. Mike Vogler

    You may not like beef but if you can enjoy a variation of one, you are my new best friend, KJ! I do not eat them all of the time but they are one of my food kryptonites for sure! I get the “black coal” but exactly what is that bun made of?? Yummy post! 🙂

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      Sorry for my late reply ! I was down with food poisoning… ironic for a food blogger, lol! The bun is made with normal bread stuff but with the addition charcoal powder – perhaps it’s bamboo charcoal? bamboo is burnt at extremely high temperatures, becomes charcoal, and gets put into food 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Tried this once….and I regretted it. I like to follow and read your blog since I love food, most of the time your reviews are fine but not this time as I am deeply disappointed with burger camp, a burger lab clone if you asked me. The price is expensive and the burger is small in size even for a girl like me. Not only that, my bf and I were waiting for so long to be served and mind you, it only have a few tables beside ours. I am surprise how slow their services are. Their staff are not friendly and do not even smile at us. When we asked more questions regarding the burger selections, he seem to look unhappy and not welcoming.

    To be fair to them, the patty of the burger is not bad in term of taste but other than that, it went downhill, the bun is oily and the patty is small in portion. We feel it is overcharge for a place such as Ipoh and for a burger at this quality. Even the drinks selection are limited and we are greatly disappointed with its limited choices. The fries that come with the set were disappointing as we feel it is soggy and even McD fries are much better.

    In conclusion, not a place that I would come back again and will not recommend it to my friends.

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      Hi Sharon. Sorry to hear about your awful experience. It was reasonable when I tried though definitely pricey.

      If you noticed, you probably have not seen any bad reviews from me because if a place is so bad, I simply don’t write about it. With Burger Camp, there was no major complaints with speed (we were the first ones to be there for lunch), fries were ok, I didn’t find the burger to be oily (but one was out of shape), drinks were limited ; mostly soft drinks and canned fruit juices but it was sufficient for me because burgers are the best with coke or soft drinks – though the price is definitely not cheap.

      But I had written the post based on one try – so perhaps they are not consistent with the food & service.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback so others can take note of this inconsistency.

  3. Julee

    Came across this blog, noticing the comments. I have to agree Burger Camp was abit off during their early days of operations. Gave them a 2nd try last month and surprisingly they have changed alot. Menu is different from the opening menu now and the burgers are way much bigger and better. I had the Yankee and my friend tried their all new gunpowder(as they say). I was impressed, and they don’t have the old basket thing anymore which was a pain to eat from in the beginning. I have to say they did really improve alot. In term of fries they have selections now. Between the straights and curlies. did not encounter any unfriendly service so far. In my point of view I think we can’t really compare it with mcd, totally from a different category. Gourmet burgers and processed burgers just don’t match. But I’ll definitely go back.

  4. LLT

    It was my first time trying this and all I can say that is it was MARVELOUS! The presentation of the food was very appetising and the food (I tried Eggalicious) was delicious but the fries need improvement. I was very impressed with the service, the waiters with a big smile on their face introducing the food on the menu! Burger Camp, this is the place that I would come again soon! 🙂

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