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Ipoh Malaysia

Tammy’s Kitchen is buried deep in the residential area in Ipoh Garden East, just a little further up the Citrus Restaurant.  It is unbeknownst to me all these years because the furthest I go in the area is Citrus.    

I am glad I found this little gem, thanks to readers who suggested, as Tammy’s Kitchen serves food using all natural ingredients.

DSC_8278When the salad (RM 10.90) arrived, it didn’t sparkle too much interest because you know, it’s lettuce, chunky cucumbers and tomatoes, so what can be so special about it?  It was the salad dressing that made all the difference – it had a distinctive aroma of olive oil, infused with a blend of ground herbs and balanced by a subtle sour note from the vinaigrette – probably one of the best home-made salad dressings in Ipoh.  The choice of vegetables used though could have been more colorful by adding corn kernels or shredded carrots to enliven the dish more.

The baked spaghetti with salmon (RM 18.90) was super hot, as it came out right from the oven, contained in the original vessel that was used for baking; even conducting some of the heat to the plate underneath it.  Cheesy with salmon chunks and marinara sauce; it was almost perfect if only the shredded cheese could cover the entire surface, preventing the exposed spaghetti from drying out during the baking process.

DSC_8287 DSC_8292
Gary’s grilled lamb chop (RM 25.90) came in a plateful, almost spilling out of the plate, with two pieces of lamb in proper thickness for grilling.  Charred lightly and not too gamey, there was no doubt in the dish’s execution, though the lamb was a tad dry, perhaps due to a an average grade of lamb used.

The blue berry cheese had a different configuration to standard cheesecakes, with a layer of sponge cake wedged between two blueberry cheese layers.  The cake was mediocre compared to other dishes; the sponge cake was fluffy, but the base was thick and the cheese layers had a faint taste of blueberry which were not too memorable (RM 7.50).

The cafe opened its doors before the influx of boutique cafes in Ipoh so the interior is not as trendy; it’s homey with a touch of Parisian paintings and oil paintings, nonetheless still a pleasant dining place.

DSC_8316 DSC_8315
Tammy’s kitchen may not top the list in terms of interior decor; it definitely tops the list with the almost flawless preparation of food (excluding the cake) using natural ingredients, and it’s a place for foodies to indulge in western food at reasonable prices.


More Info on Tammy’s Kitchen
7 Hala Bandar Baru Tambun 18, Desa Tambun Indah, Ipoh Perak.
Opening Hours : Wednesday – Sunday.  12 pm – 7.30pm
Tel : +6017 487 3728




  1. Mike

    KJ your pictures have my mouth watering! Especially that baked spaghetti with salmon! I would love to make that. I hope your travels continue take you to new and exciting travel and eating pleasures! 🙂

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